I just got back from New Mexico and already I feel the need to return.  It always amazes me how against all odds such a project as this is still going.  This time I spent some time with Zandi.  We discussed this journey that so many have taken and how new people still come to the cleft.  The Call has never really ended.  Zandi mentioned that he would need to head into town to get some supplies.  He asked me to hold down the fort until he returned.  I accepted gladly.  Honestly, I'm not sure how Zandi is able to handle being out here all the time.  I think that I would get entirely too lonely out here but somehow he makes it.  Ever dedicated.

 As often as I make this journey I spend so little time here on the surface; especially with so much history here. Living history. I took Yeesha's journey years ago and still I find a solace in her words. The last thing she told us was "Find a way. Make a home." and I can honestly say we have done that. The DRC is long gone but the cavern still lives. The DRC were never a crucial part to cavern life in any case. I hear those who have been here longer than I often speak of the DRC in a less than positive light. While I never had many dealings with them, it seems that with the DRC gone there is a lot less tension in the cavern.

I'm so glad that this place has remained intact over the years.  How different my life would have been had I not come here all those years ago.  Yeesha's Journey and the Called still remain.  We have found a way.  We have made a home.