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The Cleft and Below began as a place for me to share my thoughts and experiences in the cavern with like-minded explorers.  After about six months it seemed that something new was needed.  Eventually, the decision was made to invite writers to join the staff of TCaB.  Now with the goal of creating and sharing new stories and adventures with the cavern, TCaB hopes to continue evolving and become a place where D'ni is not as stagnant as it would seem; a place where The Cave is a living, breathing place, and where under the surface everything is changing.

What could be described as a living experiment to bring life to the cavern will hopefully keep you entertained and intrigued as we explore the D'ni and her many Ages and seek, not the destination, but the journey.  As the stream begins to flow remember now that the city that was dead now breathes.  The keeper of secrets, power, and Ages.  To directly quote Yeesha "The water flows where it wills. It seeks its own path uncontrolled, except that it flows downward, always downward."  So I ask that each of you answer The Call.  The Call of a city now breathing.  The Call of lessons to be learned, and of worlds to be discovered.

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