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TCaB Live!

TCaB Live! is a live reading of the story presented in The Cleft and Below.  URU is no stranger to story nights, but TCaB Live! aims to put a spin on that idea.  Story nights have traditionally be readings of the myst novels or in some cases a recounting of the history that surrounds us in the deep.  TCaB Live! is the story you have read on this site since late 2011 with each entry read aloud by the writers.  Journals are a key element to our experiences in the cavern and through this project we bring you this story from the voices that penned them.

After completing a brief trial run of the concept we have been making slight edits to the scripts and getting everything ready for the first official telling of TCaB Live!  So check back here soon for a schedule and maybe we'll see you at a show in the future.

Next Performance
Sometime in this summer.
Help us decide here!

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