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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Pantaleon - Time in the Tavern

There was no luck in waiting so far for Esto and Dean and no news of Adelia from other explorers. To spend some time away from Tokotah II I decided to take a stroll to Tokotah Plaza which is the general meeting ground for explorers in the cave. On my way, I passed by Gete who still hadn't heard anything about Adelia's whereabouts. Then we headed to the Watcher's Pub though on our way we came across McBeam, another devout explorer of the cavern. We all sat down and had a drink.

Gete and McBeam both left messages for Adelia and had checked nearby ages that she had visited more often. I told them that since I left on Yeesha's Journey I had not heard anything from Esto and Dean and that I last saw them at Tokotah II but there wasn't much left behind. I thanked Gete and McBeam for their assistance who said they would keep in touch if they heard anything. When I asked them about the symbols I had seen in the notes I found in the apartment Gete and McBeam told me to investigate the Watcher's Pub. They didn't say much about it though they seemed to know something more than they said.  I'll have to look into it some more soon.  After all, every possibility must be explored.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Esto - Collecting the Pieces: Part III

“Darkness again.  I walked a spiraling path and found myself standing on a gigantic leaf.  I realized that the tunnel I just walked out from was in fact an enormous snail shell; it’s inhabitant long gone.  I remember walking to the edge of the leaf and peering down below.  The height was dizzying and no ground was visible; only an impossibly large ensemble of green leaves and branches from even larger trees.  The scale of everything was staggering; I was but a sugar ant in comparison.  I sat in awe of it all and soon I heard a familiar voice.

“I looked around and saw Dean behind me riding on the back of an enormous bridled snail - Easily five times my size.”

Adelia’s expression was that of shock.  “He was riding a snail?”

“I could hardly believe it too” I said.

“That’s.  So.  Awesome” said Adelia.

I laughed a little to myself.  “Sure enough.   Dean explained to me that I would have to obtain a ride of my own if I planned on continuing the journey.  Before long I had a snail of my own and we began scaling the limbs and branches of this incredible age.  I had to ask.  How did he learn how to wrangle a snail?  From his answer, I gathered the solution of snail riding had been one of desperation.  Who knows how long he spent in this age before bridling a snail and then finally coming to get my help.

“After a great deal of searching Dean and I found something.  Etched into the bark of the tree was a symbol we each recognized.  It had been on the book that began this journey: The Triple Shell Symbol.  One symbol lead to another and then another as we found our way around the age.  Five symbols.  Each more ornate than the last.  As we studied the final symbol I heard a sound of thunder and the world shook.  I looked up.  No sign of storm, and then a passing shadow.  The thundering sounds returned again.  Suddenly I realized what was happening around me.  Dean’s expression reflected my own.  I heard a terrible screeching and my core froze.  The bird tore through the canopy and we were in free fall.  I gasped for air and reached for my relto.  The panel was inactive.  I tried to close my eyes and fell into darkness.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Pantaleon - Return to Tokotah II

Four pillars, four ages. All taken. All returned. For each an age forged forged from pride, taken from the least. Whatever is not given back will be taken. Thus, the nation fell D'ni, the vaults vacant, gardens desecrated, and corrupted by material wealth. Afterward, my Relto had changed. A star fissure appeared outside the hut. It led back to the Cleft. Another storm rattled the Cleft but something was different. A new set symbols resided where my journey began. Once again, Yeesha came forth providing a different journey.

All I found when I returned to the apartment were notes about Guildmaster Kadish, lines of D'ni prophecy, and various symbols. Explorers tell me that Adelia is still missing. Chris and Dean are still missing too. Their KI signals have not responded since I left on this journey. Perhaps they both went searching for her? I believe they will come back here. This place seems to be the center-point for everything that has happened.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Esto - Collecting the Pieces: Part II

Adelia seemed taken aback by my descriptions.  “Across the bubble I opened my eyes and found myself in another tunnel; behind me the path spiraled upwards.  Exiting I found myself in a truly strange environment.  Before me was sandy ground and sparse vegetation and above: a shimmering surface of water where the sky should be.  I found the tunnel I had emerged from to be a giant shell, reminiscent of Whelks and Conch shells I had found on beaches as a child - only these were massive.  The landscape had numerous shells embedded in the sand.

“Wonder and marvel at this place lead me to climb the nearest shell; from the top I reached my hand out toward the water above.  The strangest of feelings came to me and I drew my hand back seeing the ripples spread out from where I had touched the surface.”

For a moment Adelia seemed lost in thought.  “You've seen this?” she asked.

“You asked” I responded.  “and that’s not the half of it.

“Tell me more.  I can only imagine what it was like.  Please go on.”

I refocused my mind and continued.  “In the distance I saw a particularly large shell - an auger.  The form spiraled up from the sand and stretched beyond the surface of the water.  As I approached it I found the shell to be inverted allowing me to walk into it and climb the spiral.  As I climbed, I found the light of my KI to be useful as darkness came very quickly; the spiral kept climbing and climbing.  When I finally reached the top of the spiral I found another linking bubble lighting the darkness.  Knowing what to do I collected myself and walked through the shining surface.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Esto - Collecting the Pieces

MidnightSun left the cavern.  "A lot has happened" I said to Adelia.  "He must have a quite a bit on his mind."

"Esto.  What's going on?"

"I was hoping you would know." I looked around and final began fiddling with my KI.  No signal.  "Damnit."

"KI's don't seem to have signal here."  Adelia sat down on a large stone.  "Otherwise I'd have sent someone a message by now."

A smaller bahro crawled down from the wall and curled up next to her.  "At least these guys have been taking care of me."  Her expression changed.  “Other than Norm in the cavern, I never had much experience with the Bahro.”  Turning back to me “How did you wind up here?”

I sat down and thought for a moment.  “We thought we had found something special” I said.  We thought that the journey was revelation."  I took my finger and began drawing shapes in the sand.  “Dean, or MidnightSun as he goes by now, found a book about a year ago.  This book had a very peculiar marking on it.”  I finished tracing the symbol in the sand and continued.  “He vanished for months and when he returned he wanted me to join him.

“I went to Vahmen district and there I found a path laid before me.  Dean was nowhere to be found but he had left a message telling me that I would be able to follow his steps and that he believed he needed help if he was to progress further.  I took the linking book and linked to a chamber of smoothed stone.  Behind me was a tunnel that spiraled upwards eventually opening to the sky.  Before me was a mechanism that I manipulated to mimic the symbol on the book I had used to get there.

“I saw a light in the distance and moved toward it.  Before long I stumbled and soon found myself in what seem to be an impossibility.  In my captivation of the light I had ceased paying attention to my surroundings and found myself standing on thin air.  I stood back up and looked around me.  The area I had walked from was far behind me and the light I moved towards was still further in the distance.

“I cannot explain how I did what I was doing but it reminded me of a leap of faith I had made down the Great Shaft years ago.  Below me I could see only darkness, above the stars.  Before me was light, and behind was the tunnel I had emerged from.  I thought, if this was real then it must be revelation and so I continued onward.

“Reaching the light I found what actually appeared to be a bubble.  A glow emanated from it and within I saw an image of another place.  I placed my hand out toward the bubble and found a cool rush pass over my hand as it moved through.  I pulled my hand back.  I checked my Relto - it appeared to be functioning.  I took a deep breath and walked into the bubble.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Esto - The Unexpected

I know this place.  I've seen it in The Archiver and one of the old adds the DRC had before the last closing of the cavern under Cate Alexander.  This is Noloben.  Of all the possibilities this is one I did not expect.  My relto was not functioning - that should have been my first clue.  No sooner had I found the Triple Shell symbol I heard movement behind me and all around.  In the darkness I saw many creatures moving accompanied the light of sapphire eyes.  A Bahro walked up to me, placed his hand on my shoulder, and we linked.

I linked in with MidnightSun beside me and found myself in a tunnel before a chamber roughly the size of my relto.  The vaulted ceiling had small windows surrounding the circumference of the ceiling allowing a golden light to flow in.  The lower walls were covered in petroglyphs that occasionally pulsed soft blue.  The Bahro that linked us through made a crackling noise and seemed to indicate that we should move closer to the wall.  We advanced and the bahro around us seemed to take an increasing interest - their chatter becoming excited.

From behind came a voice.  A human voice.  I turned around and found Adelia standing beside a Bahro.  "Adelia!". I was overjoyed to see her.  Of all the Ages, I did not expect to find her here.
“Esto! You’re back on your feet!”
“I hear you had something to do with that.”
“Why are you here?  Everyone in the cavern is looking for you.”
Adelia noticed MidnightSun standing behind me.  “I remember you.  You’re the one Pantaleon went searching for.”  He replied with a mmmhmm and said nothing more.  “You asked why I’m here.”  She paused.  “That’s a bit of a strange story.”
“Go on” I encouraged her.

“Pantaleon had left me to care for you while he went in search for your friend here; I spent my time trying to find something that might help you.  At one point I had Gaelen of the Guild of Healers look at you, but she couldn't do anything more than provide a sedative to keep you from hurting yourself.  Occasionally I would get a message from Pantaleon but then he stopped responding.

“Shortly after there was another tremor.”  Her beat slowed.  “I remember Ae’gura shook violently and many explorers ran out into the streets hoping to find escape.  A few were able to relto out, but soon the books stopped working.  My relto was blank!”

“Next thing I knew a figure linked into the room.  I saw him move toward you but he was stopped.  Something that looked like a bubble appeared around you and prevented him from getting any closer.  Then he came for me.  Next thing I knew a Bahro linked in beside me brought me here.”
MidnightSun suddenly became interested.  “Who was it?”

“I’d never seen them before, but there is one thing I’ll never forget.  He had a tattoo on his face:  Two curved swords.  One below the other.”
“The Bahro” MidnightSun began.  “That must be why the linking books stopped working - both for Adelia and for you in the tunnel.”
“I can’t believe the Bahro would hurt any of us” I said to MidnightSun.  “The Bahro Nekisal haven’t been seen in the cavern for years.”
“I don’t think they intended to harm anyone.  The truth of the matter is we’re here now.  The question is: why?”
This question has stuck with me.  We’ve been here on Noloben for almost two weeks now.  Our KIs aren’t functional and I find myself wondering what is happening in the cavern.  There is much more to cover, but I grow tired.  I’ll be sure to bring everything up to speed soon.

Pantaleon - Change of Heart. Change of Plans.

It has been a long journey across these ages and now I feel as though the knowledge of D'ni History itself alone is holding me back as noted by Kadish's final remarks in his letter. Esto had previously mentioned that Catherine left behind Journals that were recovered by the DRC that defined the centerpiece of struggle before and after D'ni fell.

So, once again I ventured throughout the D'ni city streets asking anyone who passed by if they knew where I could find the information I sought. The new D'ni explorers that I have had the pleasure of meeting are kind like everyone is focused on rebuilding  even if it is not in a materialistic way. My bearings were re-directed toward the Guild of Greeters which is an easily accessible neighborhood. From there I was led to the classroom where I began studying the History of D'ni.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Pantaleon - Remark(able)

Concern.  That is what drove me to this point.  I felt it necessary to take my copy of Guildmaster Kadish's note to have it translated.  Unfortunately I have not dedicated enough time toward learning the D'ni language.

My best bet was to venture back into the city and ask other explorers for help.  That is when it struck me.  There are a multitude of explorers; all being...called.  Yeesha's calling.  Each of us are on different paths like branches connected to a great tree spreading outward and sharing our findings.  A new civilization born from a lost one.

After sometime I found an explorer that took a liking to the library. They were able to translate most of the writing, however; there were sections that had to guessed; nonetheless it reads approximately as follows:

I have met my end
My mortality overwhelms me.
I see its approach.
It is waiting and watching for my soul to depart.
Its acquisitions surpass my own.There are linking books here but I will not leave.
I have made my decision.I am here with all that I would desire.No one can take it from me.I will die here with them.This place is hidden and will remain hidden.If these words are found anyway, remember that I did not surrender!
I did not die with nothing!I died with everything.
Look, at all my possessions!
They belong to me and will be with me.
They belong to me and will be with me forever.
Guild Master Kadish

What a ghastly letter.  It reminds me how the  ancient Egyptian kings would be buried with their treasure.  Though not entirely the same as this was a choice that others of that time have not taken, however, it would appear Guildmaster Kadish had his final wish.  With Kadish's death it would appear the stench of corruption and greed has ended.  Now, I will return the pillars and then discover how the D'ni civilization collapsed.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Pantaleon - Final Thoughts Kadish Tolesa

Kadish Tolesa.  All that is known is that the creator was the renowned Guildmaster Kadish.  The remnants that are left are now nothing more than fragments of bone.  A fleshless grave for a once hierarchical society.  The vault is most astounding of all.  If you were to die tomorrow what would you do?  Where would you flee?  The apparent response: die with your wealth & riches within your own volatile corruption.  Self-destruction at its pinnacle.

There is a note that has been left behind.  It is in the D'ni written language and I lack appropriate deciphering skills.  There is writing on this note - These must be Yeesha's words.  Yeesha says that which is taken must be returned to restore the least.  Taking the final Pillar, I must now return them.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Esto - Visions Untangled

I have returned.  Again.  This time to the cavern itself.  I linked into darkness and soon I found my KI flashing.  A message from MidnightSun:
"It should all be clear now. You've been freed from the path of the stone."
He's right. The visions that tormented me before are unclouded and their revelation is clear. What's more, I know this revelation is not without reason. Something is wrong. The Triple Shell journey is more dangerous than I thought. It was not placed by Yeesha but by another; for what purpose I do not know. Two words. Names. Something runs through my head: Venalash and T'chuvahk. Their meaning and their purpose are unknown to me. Judging by the coordinates on my KI I think believe I’m in Descent, or at least some part of the long tunnel. Normally I would simply relto out, but the linking panel of my relto book is blank. Must be a result of the star fissure. I'll either have to find another way back to D'ni or wait until my relto works again.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Pantaleon - Final Thoughts: Eder Kemo and Eder Gira

Needless to say, Eder Kemo and Eder Gira are beautiful but this beauty hides secrets.  Terrible secrets.

There are peculiar petroglyphs on the walls of the garden age.  Few of these make logical sense.  One resembles Gahreesen and one looks like Teledahn. Though this one strikes me most of all.

I have heard Yeesha speak of 'The Least' who could link.  Enslaved.  There is a crying eye symbol branded upon these figures.  Perhaps these symbols alude to 'The Least?'  The Bahro.

Under King Shomat's reign, this and many other garden ages were created.  Of these ages, the King had the best garden in D'ni.  None could compare.  When the King discovered there was another species occupying his garden age he had his brothers dispose of them in exchange for their own garden age. Looking to overthrow the King they did not finish their task and Shomat had a Prison Age book made for them.
Upon the brother's linking into the false garden age, he burned it, thus disposing of his own brothers. Greed, corruption, and power; this is what is lying beneath these lustrous waterfalls and vibrant plants. To annihilate a whole race for occupancy without diplomacy! Such atrocity befalls these wondrous ages.

Esto - In the Steps of Those Before Me

The steps before me are the last in this Path of the Shell.  I have taken time to understand this mechanism and the purpose of it's design.  Kadish was truly a genius in his own right to have created such a device.  It's strange that a mechanism created for the purpose of perpetuating a lie can in fact reveal the truth: Yeesha is The Grower.

While the tree before me is only a symbolic representation of terokh jerooth, having experienced the star fissure and the infinite nature of the Great Tree of Possibilities, the sight brings me chills.  I feel I am on the precipice of something more.  What comes next... We'll soon find out.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Esto - And the Path Will Be Made Known

On Friday he brought me back to the Watcher's Sanctuary.  We climbed the stairs and I found myself wondering why are we here?  I followed MidnightSun into the alcove and turned my attention to the books on display.  I opened the Prologue book and read what the Watcher wrote.
On the six hundred and twenty fifth month of my life I was gazing upon the star of Ces in the sky of the age of Windring. And at the time of my birth the star began to brighten until it became brighter than the rings themselves. And with a sudden brilliance it turned the night into day. And I beheld the fire of the Maker. And he spoke to me. And the fire of the Maker left me, and I saw only blackness, because my eyes were blinded. But his words remained…

To the side I heard a sound.  I turned and saw MidnightSun standing next to the door of the Path of the Shell.  The door was open.  I don't know how he did it but he opened the door!  I've read journals of other explorers who took the Path of the Shell long before the second restoration attempt and the joining of Cate Alexander to the DRC, but from what I could find none were able to open door after the Great Scream.

Now I understand.  Now I know why he had me scouring over those lines day and night.  He beckoned me to move inside and closed the door once I was in.  The scale of this mechanism is staggering.  My KI flashes with a message.  "I'll be waiting outside until you finish."

Friday, November 9, 2012

Midnightsun - Path to the Gathered

This morning I find myself relaxed in my perch on the rooftop of Takotah II.  Its a little funny to think I feel more accustomed to this roof than my room downstairs.  That room has become little more than a place to store things between my trips in and out of the cavern.  When I am in the city, this is where I spend my time.

Esto is growing weary with the work we've been doing.  I have been hesitant to move forward until he has a firm grasp on true meaning of just what it is we are studying.  I am still unsure but after the talk we had last night I feel he has enough understanding to decipher the puzzles that lie ahead.  My hope is that when the challenge rises he will know these texts by heart and use them as a guide through this journey.

Looking down, I see Esto walking toward the tent outside of Takotah II. “Pack a bag.  Today is the day”, I send him a KI message.  I watch as he stops to read it, then I see the grin and the bounce in his step as he enters Takotah II. That expression is one that all of us here in the cavern share.  The excitement at the prospect of a new adventure.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Esto - The Passage of Time

Activity in the cavern has died down over the past week.  Pantaleon has left to complete Yeesha's journey.  I pray he finds the answers he seeks.  My own studies on Words has yielded little more than strange shapes in my dreams and yet MidnightSun assures me the reasons will become clear; perhaps sooner than expected.  After pressing him, he finally said we would be visiting The Watcher's Sanctuary.  For what purpose I do not know for we have long since made our own copies of Words for study.

Over the last few days I have been contacted by a few old explorer friends absent from the cavern.  Telling them of what has occurred has been difficult.  The news of Adelia's disappearance is quite upsetting.  Fortunately, the search parties have continued in Pantaleon's absence.  Expeditions to the far reaches of the cavern and various ages have been thorough.  I hope they find her soon.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Pantaleon - Final Thoughts: Gahreesen

Lost between these walls.  Like a lair, Gahreesen, holds many rooms and passages; all for one purpose.  To protect, guard, and defend - generally associated with the welfare of others in a selfless act.  All that we have in prosperity we can lose; to have control backfire, trapped inside our own tyranny, recklessness, and pride.  Now these walls guard nothing but the memories of a once proud civilization.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pantaleon - Final Thoughts: Teledahn

The journey has been long.  What I have learned?  Nothing perhaps.  Perhaps, something greater.  No, lesser.  Nothing is as it appears.  Nothing is transparent.  Like prisons locked away, out of sight, yet still there.  When we are prosperous we are blind.  This is the weakness of this age - the unknown corruption below the depths.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Pantaleon - Journal Entry - October 20 - Departure

I've traveled throughout Ae'gura asking explorers if they had seen Adelia; giving a brief description.  It is weird, no one saw her leave Tokotah II and there is was no KI signal to locate her.  To widen my search, I called groups of explorers; I personally looked into many nooks & crannies of abandoned buildings and other areas such as the palace and library.  Days have passed to no avail.

I contacted Esto via KI to inform him I was returning from my search.  It felt right using this technology.  I was hopelessly lost in everything that has occurred over the past week.  Nothing made sense anymore.

Heartbroken & exhausted, I returned to Tokotah II.  There Esto and Dean were talking but it all seemed too dream-like for me to even understand.  I kept thinking about the last message Adelia sent me.  Had it not been for that earthquake I would have been able to respond and maybe I would know what happened.  

It just didn't make any sense.  Why would she leave Esto in the state he was in?  Maybe there is a connection between these events - and who is this Impostor Esto and Dean keep speaking about?

After sleeping for who knows how long I managed to speak with them.  There is one possible solution.  They both agree.  It is time.  I must continue Yeesha's journey.  "Seek the Journey not the Destination."  In my absence I will continue to keep my journal; if only to reflect on later.  Tomorrow I'll resume my Journey.

Esto - Picking up the Pieces

Lately I've been questioning my reason.  Over the past months I've seen things so great and vivid that I'm sure Yahvo himself was involved and yet I know how this sounds.  What's more: though I know how long these experiences occurred I find it hard to believe I have been away for so long.  Life in the cavern has gone on and things have changed.  My friend Adelia has apparently gone missing; and to think - exactly a year ago we met at the CAVCON party.  Pantaleon has organized a search party.  I would join myself, but other events have tied my hands.

I've also been met with news of death in the cavern and have aided in the identification of many of the explorers.  In the years I've been coming to this city, I've never witnessed a cave-in like this.  I hope this isn't something we have to get used to.  The DRC always seemed a pain to the explorer community, though I cannot think of an occurrence of this magnitude under their watch.  Now only a few ResEngs remain and I find myself wishing the DRC were still with us.  A GoME messenger has circulated a list of the fallen asking for help in contacting their next of kin on the surface.

As for my own family, I fear that my absence has left them in the dark.  Doubtless they would have searched for me.  I want nothing more than to return to them and assure them of my safety, but the work I've been left with here prevents me from doing so.  Should I return it is likely I would be stripped of access to my Relto; even should I manage to get it back, a second disappearance would only worry them further.  It seems cruel, but I must let them continue to think of me as lost for the time being.

I have spent a great deal of time working with Dean, or as he now prefers - MidnightSun.  We began in The Watcher's Sanctuary making copies of Words.  Upon returning to Takotah II we began deciphering the works.  These Words, I know them.  Of all things I experienced in the Star Fissure these Words permeated the space.  Their meaning: Yeesha is The Grower.  While the truth of these words is known to me I find there are some passages that elude me.  Somehow I find the answer lies in the new symbol on my shoulder.
MidnightSun tells me the journey we took was false; yet if it is false then its lies have been irrevocably intertwined with truth.  This Triple Shell motif has foundations in Words and yet, this symbol on my arm is rooted deeper.  I find myself wondering why we're here pouring over these texts when their meaning is clear to both of us.  MidnightSun's only answer has been that it is preparation for a Journey.  After months of blinding truth, this riddle frustrates me.  "The passing of time brings the path to the gathered."  I must rest in the truth of these words.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Midnightsun - Reunion

“Is it true?” Esto stammered and looked up at me. “Yeesh...”

I glanced over at Pantaleon who was shuffling things around and throwing them in a travel sack. “It’s true, Esto. Yeesha is The Grower.”

He grabbed his shoulder and flinched. “Wha.. What happened to me?”
Pantaleon blurted out, “Adelia! Have you seen her, Esto?”

I spoke up then “Pantaleon, with the exception of this bed roll, nothing here has been moved in some time.“ Confused, he asked Esto if he was feeling alright. As Esto nodded, Pantaleon grabbed his bag and ran down the hall stating he had to find her and he’d keep in touch.

"I must know", Esto spouted out. “where was I, what did you do to my shoulder?”
My attention fully on him now. “Tell me what you have experienced”.

“I saw stars... and ages... and lifetimes... The Great Tree of Possibilities and... I think... am I in Takotah?”

I looked then to Esto, "We have taken a fool's Journey. We sought the journey of the Triple Shell and were deceived.” Once again he grasped his shoulder.

“This tattoo,” I point to the newly formed shell symbol on Esto’s arm, “has brought you peace again. It is a sign of knowing the truth.” As his eyes were straining to see his own shoulder, I pulled up my sleeve so he could have a full view of my shell tattoo.

“Apparently you were in this state for weeks, I wish I would have known. There was supposed to be a girl taking care of you, Adelia?" I phrased the question.

Struggling to his feet Esto replied “Adelia? I haven’t heard from her in months but I think she said something about an expedition.”

“Are you up for a walk?” I ask. “We should be heading out. We are short on time and we can talk on the way.”

“I believe so” Esto says, as he makes his way towards the door. “Where are we heading?”
“The Watcher’s Pub. We must get you up to date on my latest findings.”
We made our way out of Takotah; a bit unsteady at first with his hand against the wall.  By the time we reached the Takotah Courtyard, Esto's strength was returning and we moved at a fair pace. Outside, the sounds of the cavern had changed.  Anxious explorers were running in and out of tents and buildings.

“She’s nowhere to be found!” Came the exasperated voice of Pantaleon. I turned to find him bounding up the great stair two steps at a time. Upon reaching the last stair he stopped and put his hands on his knees. “I think I’ve talked to every last explorer in the cavern, at least twice!”

“Wait, Adelia’s missing? It doesn’t seem like her to disappear.” Esto inquired.

A puzzled look came on Pantaleon's face, than was gone. “Yes, when I went to find Dean I thought she, being your friend, was an ideal choice.”

“You thought?” I pressed. “Ideal choice for what? Walking out on someone in need?” I certainly hope if ever I am injured he leaves me with someone more competent I thought to myself. No matter. What's done is done.

I see the distressed look on his face and add, “at least Esto has recovered; I am sure your friend will turn up. You look like you are going to fall over, why don't you rest a while?”
“I just..” Giving into fatigue, he shuffled into the nearest tent and collapsed.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pantaleon - Journal Entry - October 12, 2012

Dean and I left for Ae'gura.  The changes within him makes me wonder what effect the cavern will have on me.  What other secrets are in D'ni?  We finally arrived at Tokotah II; later than anticipated but at least back home.  Adelia was nowhere to found.  I looked around for any sign of her and soon I noticed Dean took five candles and a stone from his pack.  He set the five candles in a line beginning from the outside and working to the center saying "The passing of time brings the path to the gathered" as he set the final candle.  He spoke “Be still and the path will be made known” as he began to light the candles.

I saw him pick up the stone in his left hand; it reminded me of a worry stone; it was small and smooth.  He pinched out the first candle on the left.  "Darkness comes at the end of time."  He spoke again: "The path of the stone is toil for the gathered" and pinched out the candle on the right. What is this I wondered.  He continued: "The future is always revealed to those who wait" and pinched out the next candle on the left.  "Rest in the light."  He pinched out the candle on the right leaving only one burning.

I watched as he took the stone and held it over the flame.  “The gathered will find rest when the light comes.”  To my amazement I saw that the stone begin to glow!  He picked up the candle in his right hand, held the stone next to Esto's shoulder and blew out the final candle.

Then it happened: Esto became cognizant again.  His first words were : "Is it true?"  I watched as Dean said something to him I could not hear.  How confusing.  Where is Adelia?  I've been trying organizing a search.  So far no luck.  I must return to my search.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Esto - 4: 1-8

In the night they walk through the streets
Looking to one another for explanation;
Trying to understand the mourning that fills the city,
And prevent them from lying down.
Others ignore the wails.
They feel safe and talk as though they are immortal.
As they too succumb to death
They remember the restless nights.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Pantaleon - Journal Entry - October 10, 2012

It was time, I thought, to proceed to Ae'gura.  I was incorrect.  Dean stopped me just short of the nexus terminal and said “Light in the Darkness.  Do you believe?” The statement that caught me off-guard.

Dean took my Relto book; opened it and held it out to me.  I linked and to my surprise I found Dean waiting for me in my Relto.  He took down a book and placed his hand on my shoulder.  I found myself linking.  On the other side I found myself in the Slave Caves on Teledahn.

Dean then began questioning me, “did you see the hidden caves, and the cages?”

I respond, since I have journeyed through this age, “These cages worried me before.  Now more than ever. It is a corruption of this age.”

“Pantaleon.  Do you understand?  It is where the proud would keep the least... because the proud make the rules.... blasphemy!”  We linked back to my Relto. Dean then replaced the book, took another, and linked us through with a touch of the shoulder.

My KI said we were in Gahreesen, though I had never been to this location.  I could see trees and the sky, but the walls were familiar.  Dean then questioned me again, "What do you think of these walls?  Walls to protect what?"

These questions were confusing.  “Perhaps to protect possessions or families?”

He shook his head.  “Layers within layers” he said.  “The powerful need control and soon the guarding is yet another thing to be proud of .... To protect that which is from without.”  Dean was acting very strange.  I saw him look up.  “From where do nations fall?”  his answer spoken as he turned and linked us back to Relto.  “From within...”

Again Dean returned the book. Soon I found myself in an age I had never visited before.  My KI told me I was in Eder Kemo.  Looking up I saw stone ridges and a giant image of a strange creature.  Dean asked “What do you know of King Shomat?  Of his brothers, and gardens, and death?”

Another confusing question.  This was my first time to this age and I knew nothing of the king; this garden; the brothers; or the circumstances of death.  This creature: what could it mean? “Who created it?” I asked.

Dean responds hastily, “the works of the proud are beautiful, but they are built on the backs of the least.”  I could hear thunder growing in the distance.  “What is to become of the world when all is taken and nothing is given in return?”

Relto again and another link.  I peered down a shaft into nothingness.  Before me a massive vault suspended in a shaft; or was this a crypt?  Was there some great treasure inside?  My KI told me this was Kadish Tolesa.  Dean spoke in almost a whisper “Bones speak louder than words.  Greed is the path to destruction.”

One last link.  Darkness.  I cannot see a thing!  I asked,  “Where are we?  I can’t see anything?" Silence.  I try not to panic. “Dean!? Are you still here?”

Light. We were in a small cave.  “Light to Darkness? Do you believe?” Dean had activated what looked to be a lantern of sorts coming from the ground.  He turned and I followed.  Before long we stood overlooking a waterfall.  I checked my KI.  Eder Gira.  “You have much to learn.  You are not ready.”  He turned to me “You must seek the Journey not the Destination.  We must hurry to Ae’gura.  Our friend needs our help.”

Monday, October 8, 2012

Pantaleon - Journal Entry - October 8, 2012

After reading the journal my KI flashed; a message from Dean!  Come to K'veer.  Now knowing where he is perhaps we can find a cure for Esto's illness.  I took flight through the ruins of Vamen.  Unfortunately I encountered something unexpected.  It began as a minor tremor.  The tremor increased in magnitude.  I nearly tripped on the rubble on the ground.  I had to reach my destination.  What was happening?  My KI flashed again.  This time a message from Adelia.

Before I could read it another tremor caused the ground to shake violently; structures appeared on the verge of collapse.  I was almost to the boat and off to K’veer when an earthquake with intense magnitude struck.  I was pushed forward into a wall.  By instinct I raised my hands to guard my face.  My KI took the brunt of the damage; shattered on one side.  The pathway I was following had collapsed making it impossible to return by that route.  Then some rubble fell and I took a blow to the head.

When I awoke, the cavern was calm.  I could not help but feel as though the tremors and earthquakes that occurred before were intentional.  I found my boat still intact and quickly rowed to K'veer relieved to be away from a part of the city that seemed more and more like a death-trap.  Then again, perhaps it wouldn't be safe for others to take that linking book.  What if it caused other explorers to fall prey to the same illness as Esto?  Vamen district should be under quarantine until we resolve the mystery.

When I reached K'veer, Dean was nowhere to be seen.  How long had it been since he messaged me?  At the nexus terminal I had to work with my broken KI.  There was an issue with getting it into the slot to activate.  Thankfully, I finally got it working; then Dean appeared on my KI.  He had linked to the balcony.  After I rushed up the stairs I found myself face to face with my old friend.  Had it not been for what my KI was telling me I would not even have recognized him.

Dean wore a tattered cloth shirt with the symbol of Yeesha's Journey.  He seemed different; focused on something distant.  I described Esto’s condition to Dean.  He had some idea that it could have happened.  He was worried when Esto had not contacted him in the past but did not expect his condition to be this severe.  Dean also said he had changed and that his name had changed to reflect this: MidnightSun.  This was difficult for me to accept even though the changes were apparent.  How could someone change that much?

Before returning to Ae'gura, Dean said he could fix my KI but I would still be unable to respond to messages.  Still, having it work even a bit more would would be enough to continue traveling through the cavern.   At least now things are looking brighter.  Now, we can save Esto.  I suspect Dean has some idea of how to snap Esto out of his condition.  We'll see when reach Tokotah II.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Esto - 3:104-107

The rain starts and the tree will grow,
But are you the one to start it?
You did nothing but follow.
The grower is the one who leads.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Pantaleon - Journal Entry: September 25, 2012

After reaching Vamen, the middle-class district, I explored the area common houses and empty ruins; the only remnants from the past.  There was not a book to be seen.  I soon located the library.  My spirits lifted when I saw the rows and rows of shelves,  however, there were only cobwebs on each shelf.  Such a great wealth of knowledge now remains lost to time in the deep.

In spite of the lack of books I went to the second floor so observe the entire library from a different perspective.  From the second floor it was easy to recognize three pillars in the center of the library which upon closer inspection had a symbol scribbled upon them in what looked to be sharpie.  The symbol was a simple singular spiral design which somehow seemed familiar.  Reopening Esto's journal I searched for that symbol.  Esto witnessed a similar symbol in June shortly before his disappearance.  It also seems that he was becoming restless and prone to strange nightmares at that time.  This must be the correct path.

I inspected each pillar further.  They appear to be on a rotational system.  When a pillar is rotated the shadows on the floor change.  I can only wonder what the three symbols on the middle of the pillars mean.

I have considered how the three symbols may connect.  If my hunch is correct then the answer to this puzzle must lie in them.  The amount of combinations of these three symbols is finite, however, it is rather difficult to ascertain which combination is the correct one.

A shape, is now forming on the floor from the lights and shadows.  I will continue to rotate the pillars till it is completed.

Still no luck.  Time seems to pass quickly during my experimentation amongst these pillars.

A symbol has formed on the ground.  Each spiral has affixed itself toward a central point creating a whirlpool-Shell symbol.  The alignment caused a stone shelf to move, revealing a stone table with two books.

One is a linking book with this new symbol on the cover; the other is Dean's journal.  The journal speaks of Ghen's treachery, Atrus's willingness to learn, and Yeesha the one who learned from her brothers’ treachery.  Dean had planned to embark on a new journey.  The Shell symbol must represent something important dealing with these circumstances.  Is it possible that Dean is in the age with the new symbol?  Before I take that risk I need to return to Adelia and see how Esto is doing.  I hope its not been too hard on her having to watch over him.  I will take both the linking book and journal and store them somewhere safe back in Tokotah II.  Thankfully, I now hold a clue of why Dean vanished from the excerpt left at the end of his journal:
This shall be my last journal entry for the time being.  I will be unable to write about what is ahead of me.  All I can say is I am about to take a huge step for the D'ni civilization.  My research has taken me in a whole new direction; for I have uncovered something truly extraordinary.  I must not speak of it to anyone and keeping a journal is far too great a risk.  I am leaving this journal behind with hopes that my words will be a guide to those who have yet to find their way to the city.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Dean - Journal Excerpt, January 10, 2012

Driven: a state of mind that ten months ago was beyond my comprehension.  I was wrong in those early days.  It was never about how the cavern was changing me; it was more about what the D’ni civilization had awoken within me.  So different I am now than who I once was on the surface.  How was it that I was drifting through life with no meaning; no purpose?  Why did I never stop to think about the direction my life was headed?  Sure, I succeeded at most tasks but I never put much effort in doing so.  My way of thinking was "Why work hard and do something right, when it is so easy to just slide by?”  
My thoughts tonight are on Ghen and wasted potential.  Ghen was able to teach himself the art of writing, without the background and structured learning.  This left many holes in the true understanding of what he was actually doing.  Rather than writing a link to an age as the D’ni did, he saw himself creating the worlds.  I consider how Atrus became aware of his father's corruption, at such a young age - watching his father move further and further away from what Atrus himself felt to be the right path.  How was he so strong not to follow after his father?  Everything was right there for him to reach out and take.  Power over so many worlds could have been his.
Greater power lies within mutual respect, not in proving your supremacy.  In this, son and father were separated.  Not just with Ghen and Atrus, but also with Atrus and his sons; Sirrus, Achenar.  Atrus took his sons with him on many expeditions to ages and showed them how you could help people better their lives through new ideas and modifications to their technology.  When Atrus's grandmother passed away he buried himself in his work, leaving Achenar and Sirrus to learn by themselves from the Lesson Ages.  This separation from their father along with a sudden freedom, opened the door to self-indulgence.  They pillaged their father’s ages of wealth, exploited the people with promises of changes they would bring (if the inhabitants did as they asked) and finally betrayed all trust, burning the linking books.  Such a trend only ceased when they succumbed to their own greed and fell prisoners in their father’s prison books.
Few people reach their full potential in life.  Ghen was selfish and thoughtless.  Atrus involved too little of himself in his sons.  Achenar could not keep reign on his emotions yet grew to enjoy the torture of peoples he reigned over.  Sirrus had far too much greed and arrogance.  Among this family there was one, who achieved more than anyone could have dreamed.  Atrus’ daughter, Yeesha.  Taking the knowledge and wisdom instilled in her by Atrus and the dreams and visions from Catherine, she yearned to breathe life back into the cavern.  There were others such as the DRC wishing to restore the city, but Yeesha sought more than just rebuilding fallen structures. She longed for the culture, the heart, the very soul of the city to be brought back to life.  With the downfall of D'ni and the destruction of so many ages in the years to follow, Yeesha has been the light and hope bringing The Called to the ancient URU. 
Even now as I am as I am preparing for this next journey, I am already beginning to miss the cavern; the people I have meet here; the friends I’ve made.  We together are helping to bring Yeesha’s dream to life by making D’ni our home.  I hope that by doing my part in helping around the cavern I can contribute to the deep.  I have been having dreams of late about being congratulated in front of many people, for some honor that is unclear.  I feel odd every time I wake up. I have never been one for large crowds and being the center of a group is not my forte.  I never do something with the intent of being praised for it.  I enjoy doing helpful tasks for people from behind the scenes and keep to myself.  Yet in my dreams, people come to me for assistance and commend me for my help.  Perhaps something big is on the horizon.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Esto - 3:1-8

Like a tree they spread.
Like a tree they unite.

Like a tree they spread.
Like a tree they unite.
It repeats over and over,
And brings fits to my sleep.
From many to one,
And one to many.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Pantaleon - Journal Entry: September 16, 2012.

I cannot waste any more time wandering aimlessly around the cavern; but I have no clues on how to begin the search.  I found myself at the D'ni Library.  This is truly a magnificent place and should inspire my imagination to where Esto left to before this illness befell him. Everything seemed lost.  How could I possibly figure out what happened to Esto?  To prevent a memory overload I am going to record any findings in my journal.  From there I should be able to review my data to find something.

Wait a second.  A journal!  Didn't Esto carry a journal with him!?  Perhaps this is the key.  Would that be located in his Relto or perhaps.... yes.... that place would viable.

I rushed back to Bevin post-haste to where I had found him and there I found his journal!  It was hidden underneath a desk close to where I found him.   Perhaps, even in his maddened state a part of him realized that he had to leave a message.  The journal he left behind should tell me what I need to know.

On April 27. 2012 Esto made contact with Dean.  He writes that he would be meeting with him in the Vamen District of D'ni which is in the city proper.  To reach it I will have to take a boat across the lake.  The likelihood of other explorer's coming out this far should be slim.  Vamen district is not easy to access.  I cannot imagine what I’ll find there..

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Adelia - The Broken Chain pt. 2

I had lost awareness of how much time had passed but I assumed it was something in the neighborhood of several hours.  The pain in my leg had become a dull ache.  Every breath became more difficult.  There was a stabbing in my lungs as I fought for a breath of fresh air.  Keeping my eyes open was nearly impossible.  I managed to call "Help!' but it came out as nothing more than a futile whimper.  I laid my head down against the cold stone, ready for the end; ready to embrace death.  My heartbeat slowed and I was lost to the darkness.  My consciousness began to slip away. 
A figure appeared beside me although I would have never known it but for the faintest brush of another presence in that tiny space.  The figure was glancing over my failing body, consumed with a sense of urgency.  A limb hovered over me as if inspecting my condition, followed by a sound which I had never heard before, but felt entirely familiar to me; a soft, comforting warble.  I lifted my head to try and make out the shape, but whomever was there was obscured in shadow save a startling pair of crystalline eyes.  I reclined against the rubble and made myself as comfortable as I could manage. With a curious frenzy of whirs and deep-throated purring noises, the figure touched my shoulder.  Slowly, my wrist started to glow.  ......... I looked down and saw my KI was lighting up!  A spark of hope lit up my eyes and I looked back to thank the figure, but it was gone.  I fell unconscious again.
The next thing I remember was the waking up to the soft touch of silk under my fingertips, a blanket cast over me and the heavy smell of various herbs permeating the air.  The Hall of Healers.

JP was sitting across from me, awestruck...a few moments passed before any words were said.   "You were rescued by a Bahro, Miss Adelia?!" he shouted, I quietly hushed him.

"I don't want it going around."

"Why not?" he asked, "thats the coolest thing ever!" he laughed.  Truth was, I agreed with him, but I was still on edge by the whole incident; I wasn't entirely sure of the repercussions of having an encounter with a Bahro. "Oh! That reminds me!" said Pantaleon, "I need your help!  Can you walk?" I nodded hesitantly.  I wasn't sure where he was taking me, but he shared with me what had happened in my absence: how Esto had gone to solve a mystery but when he came back, the Esto he knew was gone.

"I was able to track him down in Bevin..." he sighed.

"Where is he now?" I asked.

"Now?" Pantaleon replied, "now he's sleeping," there was a sigh of relief.  Just then, we walked through the door of the little apartment where Pantaleon had been keeping Esto.  It was quaint, with a desk off in the corner, a few lit candles and a minty smell in the air.  Esto was sound asleep in a carved alcove on the opposite side of the room.  His arms were bandaged and his hair disheveled.  This was a far cry from his usually composed and put-together manner; it was difficult to see him like this.

"What do you need me to do?" I asked, turning to him. 

"I need you to watch over him," Pantaleon replied, "I need to find out how this happened, but I can’t just leave him here alone.  Maybe if you’re around…”

“What is it?” I asked.

“Recently, Esto's become very..." Pantaleon paused, his voice lowering, "...dangerous."  Indeed, it was hard for me to believe that my best friend could be thought of as dangerous.   He looked so peaceful in his sleep.  “Maybe if you’re around things will change.”

"Alright," I agreed.  "I'll watch over him."  Pantaleon's face lit up.  That night, we shared supper and managed to have a few laughs before Pantaleon departed to solve the mystery of what happened to our dear, beloved friend.

Adelia - The Broken Chain pt. 1

Another day in the cavern, I thought as I reclined in my chair.  I looked out over the lake scanning the surface out beyond Kerath’s Arch.  I was idly thumbing through my journals, scrutinizing past entries, when my oh-so-normal day was quickly interrupted.

"Adelia! Adelia!" I peered out from the shadows of the tent where I had been lounging and I saw Pantaleon dashing across the plaza.  I would never forget his face.  "Adelia! You're back! Where have you been?!"  Laughing, I put out my arms to stop him from crashing into me.  I waited until he was catching his breath so I could manage to get a word in.

"I was a little... delayed."

"I heard you were in a cave in!"  There was no hiding the frown on my face.  Obviously there was no fooling Pantaleon, his eyes were already looking at my leg which was still bandaged up.

"I suppose there's no keeping secrets in this city." I sighed, sitting back down.

"What happened, Adelia?" Pantaleon asked in a low, shocked whisper.  I dipped my head, cringing; trying to remember.  Thinking about the accident made my leg throb.  I decided I would share my journal entry of the event with him.

All-consuming darkness was all I was able to feel to the point of suffocation.  My wits came back to me.  A prison.  I was in a rocky prison.  I felt as though I was barring the door to my soul while the reaper himself was trying to take me down that path to which there was no return.  The fear and anxiety were more chilling than the harshest winter, making every hair on my body rigid and on edge
The faint light of the lake algae could not make its way down the tunnel to where my team and I had been trapped.  I was surrounded by a prism of stones - huge boulders that were only inches away from crushing my body.  The belly of the beast.  My body trembled as those words floated across my mind.  The jagged edges surrounding me resembled the mouth of some ravenous beast. 
I heard mournful voices calling out for those lost and separated by the cave in.  No prayer on this planet is strong enough to wipe that sound from my memory.  I wanted to rip my heart out, hoping and praying to God that it would end soon.  My name was the next called among us who had fallen prey to the shaky ramparts of the tunnel, and the others that were taken by the cave in, no answer was returned.  I was terribly afraid of the dark but I still had a grasp on my sanity.  I was able to manage to laugh at myself: someone afraid of dark and enclosed spaces coming down into a cave.  I felt a hot, sticky thread weave down the side of my face.  I reached up and touched my forehead.  Straining my eyes was just enough to make out what it was and the in shock of the amount of blood on my fingers I fell into unconsciousness.
I'm not sure how much time passed but when I woke all had an eerie calm.  No wailing; no sound of rocks collapsing; no names were being called.  I managed to arch my neck enough to get my bearings.  I tried to twist my body around and without realizing it, my leg brushed up against the boulder it was pinned under.  My leg was lifeless. In that moment there were no words in human or in D'ni that could have described the pain that shot through my body.  My lips parted in a voiceless scream as I collapsed, my leg still helplessly pinned.  I tried to keep my eyes open; the tears rimming the corners of my eyes were mixing with the heavy dust that saturated the air.  Hopelessness started to take me.  Was this the end for me?  Was the rest of my team dead?  Did they forget about me?  Will they come back for me?

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Esto - 2:107-116

What is this invasion?
For the fourth time, they come.
Two come to war;
Two run from war;
Two die;
Two live although they kill.
All of them;
Above whom are none
They Believe.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Pantaleon - New Hope

It has been long and difficult week.  Esto's condition has neither improved nor worsened but there is no one available for a few weeks to be his caretaker.  I ask every passing explorer for their help with no luck.

During the times when Esto has fallen asleep I ponder what will happen.  I do this at the staircase overlooking the docks.  It's peaceful watching the glow of the lake while hearing D’ni life stirring.  I’ve heard that it took a lot of patience for the D'ni construction, laws, and other grand marvels to be created.  If the D'ni had the patience to create all this then I too can learn from their patience.

Luck at last!  An explorer friend of mine, Adelia Rosehart, agreed to be caretaker for Esto in my absence.  I have not seen her in a some time.  It seems she's had problems of her own preventing her from moving about D'ni.  I am very grateful.  Now I can begin searching for Dean.  I thanked Adelia multiple times before leaving, knowing full-well that Esto is in capable hands.  Now to search for clues to find Dean and restore Esto’s health!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Esto - 2:78-80

The patient find solace in the wait,
While the restless follow the path of the folly.
Follow the patient path.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Pantaleon - A New Cause

Four days gone.  I have difficulty keeping track of time because Esto needs to monitored to ensure his condition does not worsen.  The nights are worst.  Esto has spasms, blurting out phrases; gibberish, along with a heightened fever.  The fever frightens me the most.  Through all of it, he somehow managed to slip a name in: Dean.  Then he mentioned another person: Midnight Sun.  Dean might be able to give me some answers.  Unfortunately, before I can leave I need someone to keep watch over Esto.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Pantaleon - Growing Concerns

In late April, Esto vanished mysteriously.  He told me he needed to take a journey with Dean and that it was of utmost importance.  Sometime layer his KI signal disappeared.  I hoped  Esto had finished the journey and would contact me soon but months passed with no telephone call, text, or KI message.   This has worried me.  KIs can communicate across Ages.  I saw his KI signal reappear a few months ago in Relto.  At the time I sent messages in hopes to making contact.  Days passed with no response.

Then it happened! The signal moved from Relto to Bevin.  With haste, I linked to Bevin where upon arrival I found Esto in the classroom.  I noticed immediately that something was terribly wrong.  The ground had strange markings that Esto had scribbled with chalk in a crazed frenzy.  The strange markings are even more foreign than the D’ni language.  They appear to be nonsense.  Esto keeps muttering senseless words and has spasms and convulsions.  He says many will gather but few will finish, something about walls crumbling, lastly something about a watcher?  Do his words have meaning or is it pure nonsense.  What could have have happened to his mind for it to be tormented with every passing second?

Esto has changed since his journey.  This maddness almost seems as though something must remain hidden from his unknown journey.   How Esto managed to link here of all places astounds me but I am grateful that it was a place where I could get to him.  I cannot ask him how this happened. Asking questions seems to induce more spasms and stutterings even if he is in a calmed-state.  Until he recovers I may never know.  I will bring him back to Tokotah II so Esto can rest and hopefully return to being his adventurous self again.

Esto - 1:85-89

The crumbling of the walls will come from within.
The stories of the destroyer will be the start of the burden.
The burdened one will come from outside.
The burden of the remnant will be laid upon his shoulders.
Be still and the path will be made known.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Esto - 1:1-18

Revere the Maker; cherish the made
Here lies wisdom

The door lies at the end of the path.
Who will gather? Many.
Who will finish? Few.

The grower will take time.
The grower will bring light.
The grower will have Ages.
Take time, and move it to and fro.
Bring light, and give it to the dark places.
Have Ages, and link to them without bindings.

Loud cries yet again.
Can it be made? No.
We mourn our loss.
No one sees.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Pantaleon - Teledahn: Day 2

I returned to Teledahn today.  Before exploring I read through Douglas Shaper's Journal.  It seems they were preparing this age for new explorers but due to difficulties with the DRC it was not completed.  The DRC (D'ni Restoration Council) was a group set on Restoring D'ni to its original glory and had intended Teledahn's restoration to be part of it.  Douglas Sharper was part of this restoration.  It seems he shared Zandi's broader viewpoint: - that D'ni should not be restored physically but spiritually.  It seems Douglas Sharper was fascinated with the fauna if the ages.  He denotes a peculiar marine creature named "Shroomie.”  I hope to glimpse this beautiful animal.

I linked back to Teledahn.  Passing through the office, I noticed a model of Shroomie on desk as well as a strange helmet.  I returned to the prison cages to resume my search for the remaining journey cloths.  I must find a way to open this door before I can proceed.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pantaleon - Yeesha's Journey: Teledahn

I cannot focus on surface-related topics.  Those thoughts give way to a single thought: Yeesha's Journey.  I cannot hold out any longer, surface issues will have to wait, I must start the journey.  From my Relto, I took the Teledahn book and linked.  The world around me faded into nothingness and the age of Teledahn appeared.

Teledahn is a lively organic age, the sounds of insects buzz pass frequently and the occasional fish makes a plop in the water.  As indicated there are a variety of large mushroom structures and strange wildlife.  Unfortunately, I have allergies and these spores fall like snow gently and silently covering the landscape causing me to sneeze regularly.

After exploring, I found an odd structure with three levers and a peculiar D'ni symbol: KI on a button.  After some tinkering, I figured how to turn the machine on. The device absorbs solar-energy from Teledahn’s skewed day-night cycle to provide energy throughout the complex.

With the solar power available, I managed to ride a large bin to the top of the mushroom structure where it dropped me inside.  From inside, I restored auxiliary power to the other levels of the structure providing power to everything.  This allowed me to proceed, utilizing the elevator system, to go below Teledahn.  Underneath Teledahn’s wild beauty was the last thing I would expect: a prison.  This is a troubling discovery.  What purpose did this serve?  Unfortunately, I lacked the lock combination and would have to return later.

Taking the elevator up I found a small room.  It was an office containing a variety of diagrams and journals including something about a safe.  I plan on spending some time in this small, yet comfortable study room.  Perhaps I can get into this safe.

A few hours later. . . . .  .

Success!  There is a relatively simple mechanism that has revealed a link to an office in D'ni.  It is filled with images of Teledahn and also has journal belonging to a Douglas Sharper.  It's getting late.  I better return to Tokotah II.  Three Journey cloths remain.  I will have to return to Teledahn tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Pantaleon - Disjointed Realities

Falling, falling into the deep abyss surrounded only by darkness. This must be death this endless torment of being trapped in this state of motion within time & space. Fire, a fiery glow emanates from below it is either my safety or doom.

Heat, the glow is lava from the heart of a volcano its is growing more intense; pain. Stop. A steel beamed path catches me: the link complete. A door, open, across the pathway. Cannot reach the door, noxious fumes suffocating me. An image lies on the wall.  This world should not be stable. Something Must escape. Cannot stand. Linking out.

The Cleft below the blazing sun. Sunburned must have fainted. Was it real? That dream?

Disjointed realities.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Esto - Slight Return

My memories of that journey have become clouded.  No matter what I do that man's face remains clouded.  Flashes of light and a crack in the blackness.  There is something more.  A lake.  A lake in the sky.  Glowing a gentle orange and more...  a speech in a familiar voice.  These thoughts like water begin to trickle down into my memory until they burst and I cannot bear to remember them for their power.  I've been unable to stay in the cavern for long.  That glow.  It's too close.  The surface seems to be my only refuge.  At least until my head clears.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Dean - Becoming Conscious of Destiny’s Beckoning

As I recall the events that lead me on this journey, I am really taken back by how much I didn't want to be there.  Oh, the wonders I would have missed out on.  At the time I was unaware of what was suppressing my desire to go home.  How could I have understood that it was a city, one thought to be dead, which was calling me?  Looking back at my notes I realize now it was more than chance that brought me here.

Excerpt - 1st journal entry, Dean.

As I recall the events that lead me on this journey, I am really taken back by how much I didn't want to be there.  Oh, the wonders I would have missed out on.  At the time I was unaware of what was suppressing my desire to go home.  How could I have understood that it was a city, one thought to be dead, which was calling me?  Looking back at my notes I realize now it was more than chance that brought me here.

My mind is cluttered as I climb the last 20 feet of the cliff face.  Last in the group to reach the top, I see everyone standing with their backs to me looking off into the distance.  I follow their gaze across the horizon; the wind picks up; and I see a bundle of dead grass rolling across the open desert floor making its way up a small rock formation, then taking flight on a gust of wind; sailing through the air to abruptly bump into a cactus and fall apart.  Something caught my eye: a small silver trailer parked at the foot of a mesa.  My first thought was someone must be crazy to want to live all the way out in the middle of nowhere.  Oh well, it’s their business.  I have never been one to involve myself in another man’s affairs.  Then for some reason I wanted to know why?  Why would a person want to live way out here?  I am bothered by this, its like I am being pulled toward something without any reason or inclination of why.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Pantaleon - Teledahn

       After spending some time with other explorers in the cavern I felt it was time to begin Yeesha's journey.  According to my notes, Yeesha mentioned that by seeking the Seven Journey cloths in each age the path & D’ni’s history would be revealed.  Gahreesen was the first age I visited.  I could return and finish, however, there is another age that warrants exploring called Teledahn.  It is a swampy age with mountains, mushroom trees, and a wide array of unique species which is said to contain insects and aquatic life.  Tonight, I will make preparations for travel & research within Teledahn and discover the ages relationship to Yeesha’s journey.

Esto - As Fragments of a Tapestry...

It can be a bit disturbing how the mind works.  Two weeks ago the journey I took was so vivid that finding rest was but a dream.  When sleep did find me it was tormented by dark twisted thoughts and machinations more terrible than anything I'd seen.  Eventually I found solace in the cavern, but the lessons of my journey began to slip away.

Now I'm gradually piecing it back together.  I remember a path laid out by cloths of a journey I'd never seen.  A stair winding to the star fissure.  Then blinding flashes.  Dean was there, and so was another.  I can't make out his face.  Perhaps I'll remember more later.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Pantaleon - Time On the Surface

Between work, college, studying for tests, and completing projects it feels as though time vanishes into a vacuum leaving no time to visit D’ni even though the link across the worlds is in my pocket.  When I manage to visit the cavern during spring and fall breaks I find myself surrounded by fellow explorers who seek to keep the heart of D'ni alive.  These people come from all over the world and are a blast to hang out with.  We hold random group discussions that last for hours on end until we’re speechless or exhausted then we relto home to rest and continue on with our daily lives.   Eventually I will find time to gather everyone for a group photo :)

Esto - Dreams

After my journey you'd think that I would have easily found sleep.  Not so.  Since returning I have been unable to sleep.  Three days.  Then the nightmares came.  Darkness and terrors I had never seen.  Three days.  It has taken me nearly a week to pull myself together.  I've barely left my Relto.  Perhaps some time in the cavern will give me the peace of mind that I need.