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Monday, March 25, 2013

Pantaleon - Bahroglyph Analysis

With my camera ,ready to shoot, I was ready.  Once again that eerie yellow glow filled the darkness of the cave.  The cavern wall then slowly filled up with shapes and forms of colorful etchings.  I took as many images of them as possible but the light faded.

"Laroon, send another pellet down! These are amazing." I exclaimed.

"Here it goes!" Laroon responded.

Once again, the small cavern lit up revealing its secrets.  I took a few more pictures.  I signaled to Laroon that we would return to Tokotah II.

Back at Tokotah II I pulled out my camera and shuffled through the pictures.  Knowing that we had stumbled across something that is likely not seen by many explorers, however, what could these symbols and glyphs possibly mean?  Who could we ask?  We spent most of our time enhancing the glyphs so that we get a better visual of the images.

Although this method was slow and time-consuming, we eventually managed to enhance the images.  Looking at them now revealed more than expected.  A figure traveling on a journey.  Another represented D'ni.  We saw what appeared to be linking books in two forms and other strange things that are mysterious to us.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Laroon - A Recipe for Intrigue

We had a plan. He would go below through the Annonay stone. I would go above, via the Ercana stone, only I would have a pellet in hand. I would light up the cave below, and he would see if anything would happen in the lower cavern. There had to be something worth seeing. This seemed too complex to result in nothing. Right? I hoped all our research wasn't in vain.

I stood silent, collecting my thoughts in Ercana. I was waiting for the signal. Pantaleon would signal me when he was in position. Then we would begin.

He signaled. I grabbed a pellet and linked through with it in tow. I called down to him. "Ready?"

"Go for it."

"Okay. Step back." I heard some shuffling from his footsteps. "Dropping in 3. 2. 1."

I dropped. The pellet fell. Light nearly blinded me. I held my breath, hoping I didn't just kill my friend.

A long moment passed, and then, "Woah...".

"What is it??"

"There are... woah there are so many of them!" He was clearly awestruck.

"So many what? What is it?!" I could hardly contain my curiosity.

"Bahroglyphs! I don't know what they are, but they are surely important. Let me write them down. One minute." I heard him undo his backpack and fish out a few things. Then he was silent.



"Uh... the light faded. The bahroglyphs aren't visible anymore. We have to be quick about this."


"Yeah. Can you go get another pellet?"

"Sure thing."

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Pantaleon - Bahro Caves

We linked back to Er'cana interested in finding out about these Bahro stones.  I told Laroon that I would link through first and that he could follow right after.  I took a deep breath, anxious about what could be waiting on the other side, and then I linked.  Everything swirled, into a starry darkness and suddenly a glow which became a light.  This cave was like no other I had seen during Yeesha's journey.  It held a light in the center of the room and below there was another chamber but I could not see far enough to know what lay below.  Laroon linked inside. 

"Here we are," said Laroon in a sigh of relief.

"There is no star fissure like the other bahro caves," I said.

Laroon moved to the lip around the center and peered down.  "Doesn't seem we can do very much from here.  Lets check out Ahnonay's bahro stone," Laroon said.

We linked back to my relto and then linked into Ahnonay.  There we took the bahro stone.  We found ourselves in a darker cave than before.  In its center was a pool of water and above it light shimmered down onto the pool.  Looking up I saw the light was coming from a circular opening in the ceiling.

"I wonder," I said.

Laroon looked up.  "So what is the plan?" Laroon questioned.

"Simple, we start experimenting" I responded.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Pantaleon - Delving Deeper

We had discovered the purpose behind Er'cana and Ahnonay - the lies created and perpetuated by Kadish in the past utilized to make the D'ni believe he was the Grower.  Had I understood the depth of Kadish's reach within the D'ni and the gravity of his claims then I would have experienced Kadish Tolesa differently.  Nonetheless, I now remember that Er'cana and Ahnonay have bahro stones.  There's no telling where they will take us but I believe the endeavor will be worth the risk.