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The Called

This place began as a way for one explorer to share his adventures and flesh out his thoughts in the deep but has since grown into a collaborative effort to spread ideas among explorers of the D'ni cavern.  The hope is that through the sharing of our experiences in this cavern we may find something new in each other.

Esto is a surface dweller turned explorer whose dream was to come to D'ni.  Over the last few years he has spent time in the cavern making new friends, discovering forgotten secrets, and perusing The Call that many still feel.  Seeking a balance between college life and his explorations he is sometimes seen in the Hall of the Kings with a pile of books on both D'ni and various biology topics.  Long time listener of TCT and other CCN productions, he has begun a process of remastering the older podcasts of TCT in hopes that others will enjoy the nostalgia and learn from those who answered The Call before.

Pantaleon is a fairly recent explorer in the cavern but don't let that fool you.  He has a drive to explore and discover, he can often be found taking KI shots of D'ni along with a variety of ages he's explored during expeditions. By following Yeesha's Call Pantaleon seeks to restore D'ni back to its former glory and maintain peace amongst its citizens.

While Midnightsun's impact in the cavern may seem small, the same cannot be said about the its affect on him.  First coming to the cavern in 2010 he took Yeesha's journey and has followed The Call ever since.  Long time surface friend of Esto he discovered the cavern independently and has since been exploring all that The Great Tree of Possibilities has to offer.

Adelia Rosehart heard Yeesha's call at an early age even though she did not understand what it meant and ventured her way into the cavern in 2007 with nothing more than a gut feeling.  There she has remained ever since. She spends her time amongst her fellow explorers illuminating the halls with her witty sense of humor and dance skills and can often be found sitting under the Stalagmite with a good book in her hand.

Laroon is an explorer who first came to the cavern in 2003.  When the DRC funding ran out he was forced to return to the surface.  In 2011, he was finally able to return and revisit the ages of D'ni and the journey of Yeesha. Long time friend of Adelia, he hopes to aid in the search for his missing friend.