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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Pantaleon - Time On the Surface

Between work, college, studying for tests, and completing projects it feels as though time vanishes into a vacuum leaving no time to visit D’ni even though the link across the worlds is in my pocket.  When I manage to visit the cavern during spring and fall breaks I find myself surrounded by fellow explorers who seek to keep the heart of D'ni alive.  These people come from all over the world and are a blast to hang out with.  We hold random group discussions that last for hours on end until we’re speechless or exhausted then we relto home to rest and continue on with our daily lives.   Eventually I will find time to gather everyone for a group photo :)

Esto - Dreams

After my journey you'd think that I would have easily found sleep.  Not so.  Since returning I have been unable to sleep.  Three days.  Then the nightmares came.  Darkness and terrors I had never seen.  Three days.  It has taken me nearly a week to pull myself together.  I've barely left my Relto.  Perhaps some time in the cavern will give me the peace of mind that I need.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Esto - Returning

Returning is what I have done.  It is an interesting cycle - this coming and going.  Places I have been; ages have I seen.  I will tell you what I know but now I must rest.  My journey has been difficult.  Oh yes, before I sleep you must know Dean has returned with me.  Of journeys he knows and of journeys he will tell.  I must rest now and place these threads of a tapestry into dream.