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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pantaleon - Yeesha's Journey: Teledahn

I cannot focus on surface-related topics.  Those thoughts give way to a single thought: Yeesha's Journey.  I cannot hold out any longer, surface issues will have to wait, I must start the journey.  From my Relto, I took the Teledahn book and linked.  The world around me faded into nothingness and the age of Teledahn appeared.

Teledahn is a lively organic age, the sounds of insects buzz pass frequently and the occasional fish makes a plop in the water.  As indicated there are a variety of large mushroom structures and strange wildlife.  Unfortunately, I have allergies and these spores fall like snow gently and silently covering the landscape causing me to sneeze regularly.

After exploring, I found an odd structure with three levers and a peculiar D'ni symbol: KI on a button.  After some tinkering, I figured how to turn the machine on. The device absorbs solar-energy from Teledahn’s skewed day-night cycle to provide energy throughout the complex.

With the solar power available, I managed to ride a large bin to the top of the mushroom structure where it dropped me inside.  From inside, I restored auxiliary power to the other levels of the structure providing power to everything.  This allowed me to proceed, utilizing the elevator system, to go below Teledahn.  Underneath Teledahn’s wild beauty was the last thing I would expect: a prison.  This is a troubling discovery.  What purpose did this serve?  Unfortunately, I lacked the lock combination and would have to return later.

Taking the elevator up I found a small room.  It was an office containing a variety of diagrams and journals including something about a safe.  I plan on spending some time in this small, yet comfortable study room.  Perhaps I can get into this safe.

A few hours later. . . . .  .

Success!  There is a relatively simple mechanism that has revealed a link to an office in D'ni.  It is filled with images of Teledahn and also has journal belonging to a Douglas Sharper.  It's getting late.  I better return to Tokotah II.  Three Journey cloths remain.  I will have to return to Teledahn tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Pantaleon - Disjointed Realities

Falling, falling into the deep abyss surrounded only by darkness. This must be death this endless torment of being trapped in this state of motion within time & space. Fire, a fiery glow emanates from below it is either my safety or doom.

Heat, the glow is lava from the heart of a volcano its is growing more intense; pain. Stop. A steel beamed path catches me: the link complete. A door, open, across the pathway. Cannot reach the door, noxious fumes suffocating me. An image lies on the wall.  This world should not be stable. Something Must escape. Cannot stand. Linking out.

The Cleft below the blazing sun. Sunburned must have fainted. Was it real? That dream?

Disjointed realities.