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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Pantaleon - Disjointed Realities

Falling, falling into the deep abyss surrounded only by darkness. This must be death this endless torment of being trapped in this state of motion within time & space. Fire, a fiery glow emanates from below it is either my safety or doom.

Heat, the glow is lava from the heart of a volcano its is growing more intense; pain. Stop. A steel beamed path catches me: the link complete. A door, open, across the pathway. Cannot reach the door, noxious fumes suffocating me. An image lies on the wall.  This world should not be stable. Something Must escape. Cannot stand. Linking out.

The Cleft below the blazing sun. Sunburned must have fainted. Was it real? That dream?

Disjointed realities.

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