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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Steven Peterson - Kadish Getaway

I had been away from the cavern longer than expected. Upon returning, I saw that I missed some KI-Mails from Eric. The KI-Mails said that Hannah had fallen ill. Without Hannah to support her, Torri was too shy to participate in the Heek tournament. It’s a shame, that would have been an interesting match! Being on the surface has put me behind on my writing. There is no better place to write than in Kadish Tolesa; especially in the beautiful and awe-inspiring Moon Room. It is always peaceful here which allows me to collect my thoughts. Of course, you are never truly alone in the cavern.

“Steven!” a voice suddenly called out from above. It was Eric. He must have seen me on his KI. “Shorah, Eric. This is a surprise," I said. “Didn’t expect to find you here. Where have you been? You missed the Heek tournament,” Eric said. “The Richmond game kept me on the surface.” I replied. “We won 30-21 against Liberty. It was a great a game!” "So, why are you in Kadish? I thought you completed this age already," Eric asked. "This is my getaway,” I replied. “I come here to write.” "Whoa, what are you writing about? Is it about the Cavern?" Eric asked. I laughed. “That is a secret. No one will know until it is completed.” Eric made a face. “You'll just have to wait," I said. "Well then, I better leave you to it,” Eric said. “We’ll be in the plaza at 17:00 KI time. You should drop by.” "Thanks, I’ll take a break from writing soon so I should be there," I responded. "Peace," Eric said before linking away.

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