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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Jessie Pollick - Plots and Puzzles

Takotah alley. Usually empty, but the same cannot be said about the plaza it empties into. Takotah Plaza is quite possibly the busiest and most trafficked area of the cavern. It is host to a wide range of explorers from all over the world. Some live here in the cavern. Others just pass through.

The plaza gets its name from two if the surrounding buildings: Takotah and Takotah II. Years ago, the DRC took up residence in Takotah and every now and then explorers can be seen scaling the building as they try to sneak into the old offices. Takotah II is different.

Consisting of a series of interconnected buildings, Takotah II was inhabited by various explorers following the closing of the cavern under Cate Alexander. Eight months ago, the building was evacuated. The building was condemned. Rather than erect a barricade over the single entryway, just above the Ferry Terminal, has been under constant guard via a ResEng.

Kahlo Pub will serve as our meeting place. Jeremy Reinhold will be joining me shortly. His interest seems to be more than academic. Who could blame him? His encounter with the stranger in the worn Yeesha shirt is enough to intrigue even the most unimaginative explorer. Together, with the aid of Terry Suguino and David Farwell, we will make our way into Takotah II unnoticed.  

We'll need a considerable distraction. One at the Ferry Terminal and one above in the Takotah plaza.  If successful they should serve to draw the explorers and the ResEng from his post. The ResEngs are few in number so if we're lucky, we should be able to leave Takotah II unguarded - if only long enough to get inside without being spotted. And what will I find?

My hope is to find something that will point to the truth. If my thoughts on “Panta in Takotah II” are correct, we may find some clue in this: the origin of the story. There is the possibility that we will find nothing. As I said before, the building was evacuated. It would make sense for any explorers still living within to take their belongings with them. Regardless of the likelihood, I still must see what there is to be seen. There are no other paths open to me.

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