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Saturday, April 25, 2015

David Farewell - Fall Guys

"Listen, Terry. I get that you're worried, but I think your absence is just making it worse." This traffic was relentless. I had been stuck here for nearly ten minutes already. So much for a quick commute between home and work.

"You said it yourself, if Mister Magic even suspects that I had anything to do with that hologram, boom! There goes my Grey Hat membership. Not even addressing my general cavern status. Black Hats are not well regarded!

" Don't tell me you used your own access point for the lattice?"

"Of course not. I might as well have sent the ResEngs a big letter saying 'It was me!', signed Terry Suguino! We've both been in this cavern long enough to know how to cover our footprints. It's one of the reasons we get pulled into these messes in the first place. But that's the problem isn't it? Too many people know we can do it." I usually made it a point not to argue with Terry. Largely because he had an annoying habit of always being right.

I bit my tongue and thought carefully about what I would say next. A blue sedan cut in front of me. I blew my horn and fired my mouth.


"Sorry, some jerk just cut me off." I closed my eyes for a moment. A quick turn to the right and I would be home in five minutes. I thought about my apartment and the lady next door, and how I really didn't want to hear her complain about how my cooking aggravated her cats. " So, what are you suggesting? A fall guy?"

"I dont know." Terry was silent for a moment. "Seems like we're paying an awful lot for something we don't really understand."

" So, does that make us the fall guys?"

"I'll tell you what, tomorrow we both head to Pahratehs and get a straight answer out of Jessie Pollick. It was his plan anyway. At the very least we should know why we went to all the effort."

"Cool, I'll see you there." I hung up the phone. The cars ahead of me began to crawl forward. I looked at the intersection. My stomach growled. My thoughts returned to the cat-lady next door. Maybe it's a pizza night. I put my foot on the gas and hung a left.

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