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Monday, January 23, 2012

Its been a while...

Today I linked into the cavern and made my way up descent.  My KI light went out well before I reached the top of the Great Shaft so I felt my way up the winding path - my right hand on cold stone.  Being in that growing darkness with the light from the eder tomahn growing ever more distant was unlike any experience before.  Eventually my sense of vision failed as I felt my way along the path ever moving upwards.  I took to all fours and crawled as a growing fear of falling began to take hold.  Finally, I reached the top of the Great Shaft.  Peering over the edge I could barely make out the light of the eder tomahn.  If I strained my eyes I could make out a dim glow from the bottom of the shaft; then, fighting against every urge in my being, I stood and walked further into that darkness.

I remember another explorer, Tweek, took shots of these tunnels.  His journey was years ago, well lit, but still dangerous.  It seems that in the time since the lights have gone out and only cold stone remains.  The only indication that my journey was bringing me to the surface was a hint of fresh air.  Not air from the fans, no.  Air from the vents always pick up a strange odor, possibly from a mold or other fungal growth - though it seems to have had no adverse health effects the explorers as a whole.  No, this scent was different, it came from the surface.

Eventually, Making my way to the surface I found the New Mexico sun burning as fiercely as ever.  Perhaps that journey wasn't the smartest thing for me to do.  Perhaps it was exactly what I needed to do.

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