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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Pantaleon - Growing Concerns

In late April, Esto vanished mysteriously.  He told me he needed to take a journey with Dean and that it was of utmost importance.  Sometime layer his KI signal disappeared.  I hoped  Esto had finished the journey and would contact me soon but months passed with no telephone call, text, or KI message.   This has worried me.  KIs can communicate across Ages.  I saw his KI signal reappear a few months ago in Relto.  At the time I sent messages in hopes to making contact.  Days passed with no response.

Then it happened! The signal moved from Relto to Bevin.  With haste, I linked to Bevin where upon arrival I found Esto in the classroom.  I noticed immediately that something was terribly wrong.  The ground had strange markings that Esto had scribbled with chalk in a crazed frenzy.  The strange markings are even more foreign than the D’ni language.  They appear to be nonsense.  Esto keeps muttering senseless words and has spasms and convulsions.  He says many will gather but few will finish, something about walls crumbling, lastly something about a watcher?  Do his words have meaning or is it pure nonsense.  What could have have happened to his mind for it to be tormented with every passing second?

Esto has changed since his journey.  This maddness almost seems as though something must remain hidden from his unknown journey.   How Esto managed to link here of all places astounds me but I am grateful that it was a place where I could get to him.  I cannot ask him how this happened. Asking questions seems to induce more spasms and stutterings even if he is in a calmed-state.  Until he recovers I may never know.  I will bring him back to Tokotah II so Esto can rest and hopefully return to being his adventurous self again.

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