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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Pantaleon - Teledahn: Day 2

I returned to Teledahn today.  Before exploring I read through Douglas Shaper's Journal.  It seems they were preparing this age for new explorers but due to difficulties with the DRC it was not completed.  The DRC (D'ni Restoration Council) was a group set on Restoring D'ni to its original glory and had intended Teledahn's restoration to be part of it.  Douglas Sharper was part of this restoration.  It seems he shared Zandi's broader viewpoint: - that D'ni should not be restored physically but spiritually.  It seems Douglas Sharper was fascinated with the fauna if the ages.  He denotes a peculiar marine creature named "Shroomie.”  I hope to glimpse this beautiful animal.

I linked back to Teledahn.  Passing through the office, I noticed a model of Shroomie on desk as well as a strange helmet.  I returned to the prison cages to resume my search for the remaining journey cloths.  I must find a way to open this door before I can proceed.

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