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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Just a few more days...

Just a few more days and then I'll be free of school obligations.  At least for a while.  Last night I realized have several projects on the back burner.  So as not to let anymore pile up, I'm going to knock out as many of them as I can.  Many of them are song projects, so I'll be experimenting with recording and the like over break as well.  Perhaps I'll even be able to post a few here.  Still working on getting that family jam session up.

Rehgehstoy is a different matter though.  It is definitely one of those projects that'll take time.  The D'ni were nothing if not patient so I'll have to be doubly patient if I want to understand the art enough to get what I want on paper.  Eventually, I'll have to do something about supplies being how the special ink and paper required for Rehgehstoy are difficult to acquire.  I remember Tweek talking about journeying into the city proper in search of supplies.  It should be worth investigating.  I guess there's always the guild of writers to consider too.

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