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Friday, December 23, 2011

Linking. . .

After many years of visiting D'ni you'd think that I'd have gotten used to the sensation of linking.  The charge passing through my body as I place my hand on the image gives me goosebumps before every link just knowing what's to come; and it doesn't end there.  Eventually I feel my form being pulled into the page.  I've never been one for roller coasters; the feeling of my center of gravity shifting at such a rate has always made me feel uneasy.

I'll never forget my first link.  I was so shocked that I thought I would be sick - finding myself on Relto with no idea what had just happened to me.  I must have lain there for hours until finally getting my bearings and making my way into the hut.  I took Yeesha's journey; eventually jumped into the star fissure time and time again - each being a test of faith; and one that I took very seriously.  The first time I found myself in a Bahro cave I didn't know what to do once I realized my Relto book wasn't working.  I listened time and again to Yeesha's words hoping to find some way to escape and then I finally made the jump.

When I found my way to the bahro caves a second time I knew what needed to be done but that didn't make it any easier.  With each jump I felt my body tense up and I would struggle not to scream as I fell into that starry expanse; each time linked away to Relto.  I guess you could say that this place means a lot to me as these feelings of anxiety have never really diminished and yet still I return.  I have found a way.  I have made my home.

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