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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sound Engineering

About 6 months ago I was listening to some of the old Cavern Today podcasts while reminiscing about the old days of the cavern.  I listened to Mowog as he painted an image of the cavern that was bright and clear.  His story about Pepsi during the D'ni Olympics and his subsequent poem about needed bathrooms in the cavern kept me tuned in.  After a while though, I realized that as much as I loved TCT, the earliest of the casts were not friendly to the ear.  Audio quality and editing snafus made it difficult to listen to, and I wondered if anyone who listened to these initial casts were turned off by them.

I got to thinking that I might clean them up a bit - if only for my enjoyment.  Then I realized: I bet other people would enjoy it work as well.  I logged onto the TCT Forums, posted an example of my work and explained my plans; not long after I was invited to join TCT as a member of their production staff.  There are no words to fully describe my feelings at this point.  I had never even dreamed of being part of TCT.  These were the guys who had kept me up to date on the events in the cavern before I was even able to visit; to say it was an honor didn't even come close.

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