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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Pantaleon - Enter D'ni

I have been living in D’ni for nearly a month.  Esto set me up in a cozy apartment in Tokotah II, which overlooks the docks and over the course of the month I have moved more supplies from home. There are many reasons I enjoy it here, there is a nice gentle breeze that passes through here from the lake keeping the apartment cooled, new and experienced explorers filter in through here, it’s close to the plaza where meetings and hangouts take place.  All in all I feel like I belong.  The only thing that creeps me out is the orange glow from the lake allegedly caused by algae.  Everyday when I wake up in Tokotah II I am awestruck by the size of Kerath’s arch welcoming explorers into the world of D’ni.

As for the explorers, there are many people in D’ni; each with different backgrounds and interests, but each seem connected by this place.  In some ways life here is not that different than that of the surface.  Some people spend their time exploring ages, solving puzzles, other people come here to hangout to escape from surface life, and the occasional few enjoy trying to reach new heights from the blocked off areas in D’ni.  Its really funny to watch someone scale a building or wall, only to fall, and panic-link to safety but at least I know they are safe.  Most explorers meet in the town plaza telling their stories of exploration and goings-on of the surface.  We find ourselves filling the empty halls of D’ni with laughter; filling our hearts with joy; not wanting to return to life on the surface.

It was at one of these meetings I began inquiring about the history of D’ni.  After all, I wanted to understand what lead to the destruction of D’ni and its history not to vacation.  A few explorers mentioned that the DRC found journals written by a woman named Catherine who had secondhand accounts of life in the cavern.  Using these journals they were able to contract Cyan to write a series of books about Atrus (Catherine’s husband) and his family with the purpose of spreading the idea of D’ni to the public without being overt.  Esto gave me copies of these novels.  The stories are tales of betrayal, love, art, good and evil.  D’ni is even more fascinating and vast than what I imagined.

Nonetheless, this place feels like home and it is a place where true friendship can be found;true friendship is rare in our society making this a treasure all by itself.  Now it is late.  I will rest and continue onward with Esto tomorrow.

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