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Monday, April 16, 2012

Esto - Climbing

We had company this weekend.  A good friend of mine came by for a birthday party but sometimes I just have to get away.  D'ni is an easy solution, but Ae'gura is not always the right choice.  Sometimes it's best just to explore where no one can find me.  This time I grabbed my climbing equipment and linked into Ae'gura.  I came to the cavern wall and began to climb.  I had done this before so the path needed was clear, just requiring focus and patience.  Should I fall I would have my Relto but I still needed to be careful.  Eventually I came to my goal.

Fehnir House it's called.  It belonged to a D'ni man who stayed behind during The Fall to ensure that his family would survive.  Places like this, I'm glad few know how to reach.  This place is so incredible.  The truth that is written here just helps put everything in perspective.


  1. What happened to my comment from yesterday? All I did was ask where this was...

  2. I'm very sorry. I do not know what happened to your earlier comment but to answer your question: Fehnir house is located in an upper residential district of Ae'gura. My earlier statement that it is located near the city proper was a poor attempt to obscure the location of this place. It cannot be reached by conventional methods but can be easily reached via linking book from The Third Path.

    OOC: This location can be found on Deep Island Shard. Courtesy of Tweek and the Gulid of Writers.