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Friday, April 27, 2012

Esto - Messages

I got a message from Dean today.  His KI signal appeared only long enough for his message to send.

It seems ages since we have spoken.  I can barely remember the last time I was in D'ni or even seen the surface.  The words of the least move me to journey.  My journey has taken me far and now I have an opportunity to share this journey with you.  Move fast.  I do not have long and I must return.  You will not regret it.  I will leave passage for you in Vamen District - I believe you know the place.  Should you arrive after I have left it may be possible to catch up.  You will understand soon.

Vamen District is across the lake from here and if he means the location I think he means I should leave soon to get there in time.  The difficulty is that I still have exams to study for and from his message it doesn't sound as if I'll be able to just Relto 'home' whenever I need to.  I know time is against me, but I must think this over.

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