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Monday, March 25, 2013

Pantaleon - Bahroglyph Analysis

With my camera ,ready to shoot, I was ready.  Once again that eerie yellow glow filled the darkness of the cave.  The cavern wall then slowly filled up with shapes and forms of colorful etchings.  I took as many images of them as possible but the light faded.

"Laroon, send another pellet down! These are amazing." I exclaimed.

"Here it goes!" Laroon responded.

Once again, the small cavern lit up revealing its secrets.  I took a few more pictures.  I signaled to Laroon that we would return to Tokotah II.

Back at Tokotah II I pulled out my camera and shuffled through the pictures.  Knowing that we had stumbled across something that is likely not seen by many explorers, however, what could these symbols and glyphs possibly mean?  Who could we ask?  We spent most of our time enhancing the glyphs so that we get a better visual of the images.

Although this method was slow and time-consuming, we eventually managed to enhance the images.  Looking at them now revealed more than expected.  A figure traveling on a journey.  Another represented D'ni.  We saw what appeared to be linking books in two forms and other strange things that are mysterious to us.

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