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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Pantaleon - Bahroglyph Study Part 2

The next day we were back to racking our brains on the glyphs.  The next image was familiar enough to decipher.  Our explorer journeyed from the cleft and made their way into D'ni.  It appears that they met someone here but who that person is we don't know.  The book over his head may give us a clue.  Perhaps is a writer of some kind?  Perhaps a D'ni writer?  Interestingly, it seems there are Bahro at the top of the D'ni cavern.

The following glyph confused us.  Unlike the other glyphs there were familiar images save Yeesha as the center.  Laroon pointed out that the symbol over Yeesha's head had changed.  The Yeesha symbol is now inside an image of what appears to be a book.  The spiral could mean anything.  Spirals can represent the sun or confusion.  They can even represent a dialectic.  With such little to go on, I don't  know if we'll ever understand this image

The next several images seemed to continue the story though Laroon and I both needed a break.  Laroon decided to go topside for some time saying he would remain in contact via KI and would return the following day.  Rather than spend the time alone in Takotah II I thought it would be best if I journeyed out among the explorers.

Spending time in Ae'gura reminded me of times I spent here with Esto and all the people he introduced me to.  Some friends are here and some are gone.  This city remains the same.  I guess it's nice to have some sort of constant in life.

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