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Monday, April 8, 2013

Pantaleon - Bahroglpyh Study Part 1

Days passed by as Laroon and I finished enhancing every image. After that was accomplished we had another problem. Ordering them in a method that told us a story. We rearranged and placed each one until we finally found something.

"Look at this one, Laroon." I exclaimed showing him the image.

"Indeed, it looks like a beggining of a journey for someone but who? Why are they leaving and who are they leaving?" Laroon questioned.

"I am not sure but something about them looks familiar." I responded.

The next image we looked at was clear as to its nature. At least it was a place we actually knew about and this brought us some relief. It was an image of the Cleft with the same person who left from the previous image.

Once again a symbol appeared over the person. Laroon and I contemplated for a while and then we remembered. When our journey began we were not alone at the Cleft. Yeesha was there, not physically but a enough to guide us on our journey. 

"Laroon, this could be Yeesha!"  I yelled out with excitement.

"It definitely makes sense. Then this could be her journey to D'ni." Laroon explained.

That part alone brought us both joy. We were onto something big. If we had taken a journey through these different ages then what type of journey did Yeesah have? 

This image made Laroon and I recollect the story from Book of Atrus and how in order to survive in the harsh desert environment they had trade with traveling caravans. We cannot ascertain who is giving or receiving in the image just that Yeesha is trading with natives. 

The fourth image in this sequence was much more difficult to make out so Laroon enhanced one variation cataloging significant parts and I enhanced another. Though the two differ greatly the results proved useful in understanding these glyphs.

This first one resembled the crying eye of the bahros. It showed emphasis on the linking books to other ages. We were uncertain if Yeesha had began writing her own ages or if she was just studying. We also noted similar creatures and flora from the ages we visited on Yeesha's journey.

This other view revealed what looked to be a symbol located in the center. Something about it intrigued Laroon and I we were absolutely certain it came from some place we visited or knew about but nothing came to mind. The other thing it revealed was the D'ni numbers around the symbol. For what purpose? I doubt we could ever figure that one out.

Exhausted by our research efforts we decided to rest and take some time in the cavern. 

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