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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Pantaleon - Bahroglyph Study Part 5

A grower to link at will.  Laroon and I figured we would head to the Guild of Archivists to look for answers.  We were greeted as soon as we linked in.  "Do you have any information on Yeesha?" I asked.

"Why yes, we have records on much of D'ni history including the the events of the last restoration.  I think you'll find what you are looking for in there.  To get there just go down the hall and take a right. You can't miss it." He responded.

We found the library without problems and began skimming through the books.  Laroon found something relating to linking without a book.  Apparently it is a power of the Bahro.  Soon after we found a journal that mentioned things about Yeesha.  Apparently, when she would visit the Cavern there were eye-witnesses that saw Yeesha link without a linking book.  She would appear to crowds of people and then vanish without a trace of a linking book.  Relto or no.  Among these witnesses was DRC member Richard A. Whatson, aka RAWA.  We found what we were looking for.  Laroon borrowed a few books from the library and we returned to Takotah II.

I looked back at the open text on my desk.  A grower to follow the shell.  What does it mean to follow the shell?  The Path of the Shell showed us that Yeesha is the Grower foretold by the Words of the Watcher.  What does it mean to follow the shell?

The next line: A grower to banish the darkness.  Kadish.  He believed banishing the darkness meant bringing light into the cavern which he successfully accomplished via Er'cana's pellet manufacturing.  Perhaps banishing the darkness does not literally mean bringing light into the cavern.  From Yeesha's journey I have learned that we, the new explorers, have come to D'ni and with open minds have rebirthed D'ni; leaving behind the old D'ni ways; bringing in new thoughts, ideals, and beliefs.  The growing of D'ni was different than I expected.  D'ni was not meant to be rebuilt physically it is a spiritual renewal leaving the prideful ways of the D'ni in the past.

That leaves the question: What does it mean to follow the Shell?

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