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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Pantaleon - The Path of the Shell

From books Laroon borrowed from the Archivists we learned more about the Path of the Shell.  It was a puzzle.  A mechanism designed by Kadish to further convince everyone that he was the Grower.  Apparently he invited people to solve it but in the end, only he could do so.  I remembered the door in the upper chamber of the Watcher's Pub.  To think I had been so close to it the whole time.

Laroon and I went to the Watcher's Pub and went to the upper chamber.  We found the door but it seemed to be locked.  We searched and searched for a way to open the door.  Laroon found an answer in Archives, but it was not the answer we wanted.  It seems that on December 19, 2006 there was an event known as the Great Scream.  The cries of the bahro were heard through all the ages and explorers were instantly linked back to their reltos.  After this event many things changed; including the Watchers Pub.  After that date, the doors would not open.  The Path of the Shell was blocked.  Unable to continue we headed back home to Tokotah II.

It came to me during the middle of the night.  I had a strange dream the bahro warping to and fro places. Once again, I witnessed the star fissure and its wonders but then it changed; everything fell to darkness and I found myself trapped in a prison book.  Void of life.  Alone.  Terrified.

I woke up  screaming startled, panting, and sweating.  It was rough night.  My mind returned to the book I found in Vahmen district.  What if this was what I had really been looking for the whole time?  The blocked path; the allusions to Words.  This book must be a new way to take the path which was blocked!  Esto, Adelia, and Midnight Sun.  They must be waiting for me.  Laroon would likely not let me link.  I told him the book was dangerous, but is it?  I must act now while Laroon is sleeping and use the book.


  1. Sincerely hope you are going to publish this as an e-book or something, will make for a fascinating adventure.

  2. Glad to hear you're enjoying it. You'll be pleased to hear the e-book is already in the works and will be hosted on this site on completion. Glad to see you're still with us.