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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Esto - An Ending Has Been Written

Home.  How long have I been gone?  How many questions will need to be answered?  And once these questions are answered, will I be able to return here to D'ni?  My  journey has taken me far from where I expected.  Very quickly my responsibilities on the surface were left behind.  Now the question is: how do I pick them back up?  Can I pick them back up?  Tomorrow when I wake it will be the last day I spend in D'ni.  I hope to return some day, though said surface responsibilities make such things difficult; explanations make them even more so.

I could not stay up there on that Takotah rooftop.  After such events I feel I must think.  Alone.  I stand gazing across the lake at Kerath's Arch and find myself thinking about Yeesha.  In discovering that she was the Grower even she did not know what her journey would bring.  If we be the water that goes where it wills then downward is the journey.  I never expected this journey to go so deep.  Yeesha.  How many years have you been gone?  You told us to find a way.  You told us to make a home.  We have done that.

The explorers here will be safe.  He was delt with; the Triple Shell Journey is sealed and locked away; and the Bahro have found new allies in myself, Adelia, Pantaleon, Laroon, and MidnightSun.  It won't be so bad having to return to the surface.  I will return.  Saying this I feel even more now that She will return as well.  Yeesha is more connected to this place than any of us.  She will return.  Her journey has just taken her away for a time  She will return.  I feel it.

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