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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Pantaleon - The Final Problem

Esto left.  He headed for the docks.  I'm sure he had a lot on his mind.  Laroon and Adelia wandered off together.  Midnight Sun stayed up on the roof.  There was still so much I didn't understand but I was exhausted.  I returned to the apartment laid back on my bedroll and closed my eyes.  My journey weighed heavy on my mind.  Strange and familiar images moved through my mind.  I saw the Cleft, flew through the earth, down The Great Shaft to the Cavern and its' golden lake.  Forward to Kerath's Arch.  Flashes of other places appeared in my mind.  The slave cages of Teledahn, Kadish's vault; the truth behind Ahnonay...

In the darkness I saw Yeesha fight a cloaked figure.  I heard a familiar voice.  What does it mean to walk the Path of the Shell?  The Yeesha hand glowed.  The fingers faded and a new line drawn from thumb to the center.   What does it mean to walk the Path of the Shell?  The Watcher's grew dim and soon the darkness was filled with sapphire eyes.  A Pellet dropped and the Bahro cave lit up.  The glyphs appeared on the wall.  What does it mean to walk the Path of the Shell?  The images on the walls glowed blue getting brighter and brighter.

I woke to the glow of the lake coming in through the window.  Esto had reclaimed his bed roll and Laroon was passed out on a cot in the center of the room.  I got up quietly, sat at the desk, and began looking through the notes - remnants of the journey that had reunited me with my friends.  What did I dream?  I looked through the images.  A red cloak and Yeesha.  Why Ages?  Then I realized what I had seen.  I opened my Relto outside so as not to disturb anyone and linked.

Using the Journey symbol I linked back into the vault filled with riches; The bones of Guildmaster Kadish garbed in red - a testament to D'ni pride.   He's still here.  I spent some time examining Kadish's possessions. 

I did not die with nothing.  I died with everything.

He certainly tried.  I continued searching through the boxes.  Soon I found a linking book.  I wondered if somebody moved the Gallery Linking book?  I opened it and found Yeesha's seal on one page and a paradox on the other.  This was impossible.  The linking panel appeared to lead back here, but why would one link to the same location?  I remembered my dream, checked my relto, and linked.

There was no corpse, there were no riches and wealth, just a few pieces of broken pottery.  I checked my KI.  This was the Vault.  What was Yeesha trying to show me?  Strange messages were scrawled across them.  I got a flash from my dream as Yeesha and the cloaked figure battle in the darkness; the strange figure in the bahroglyph… This message spoke volumes: I SAVED HIS LIFE.

I understood.  Words fulfilled.  A grower to move through time.  What does it mean to walk the Path of the Shell: to know that Yeesha is the Grower.  My journey was complete.

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