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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Pantaleon - The Result

I couldn't believe what Adelia told us.  Esto was the first to speak.  "That must have been the void.  If I'm understanding what just happened, He is trapped there."

"So that's it?" Laroon raised his arms in question.  "It's over?"

"It sounds to me like He is trapped there with a sealed book."  MidnightSun said as he rubbed the shell tattoo on his shoulder.  "No way in.  No way out."

The thought of the whole process gave me chills.  The Bahro stranded Him.  Stripped him of his linking.  But now what?

Laroon slumped to the ground.  "Now what?" he asked, echoing my own thoughts.

"Now we can finally go home." Adelia said.  She must have been tired.  Even after what they told me had happened, I cannot imagine what they went through.  Esto looked distant.  How long had he been away from home?  How long had I been gone for that matter?  Perhaps it was time after all these months in the deep to return to the surface.

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