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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Jeremy Reinold - A Change of Pace

I've had to do some serious thinking over the past few days.  Up until now I have used the cavern as an momentary escape from life on the surface but it may be time that changes.  Not that the surface life has gotten any better, or worse for that matter.  Just that there is a different sort if feeling in the Deep.  D'nipalooza was a great example of that.

After getting my job with Issac Foust I've had little time for anything short of integrals and derivatives but since the summer session has ended I may find myself in the cavern more often.  I can't remember the last time I went to a festival like D'nipalooza; or even a show for that matter.  So great to see so many in the cavern at once.  The DRC would have cringed at the number of bodies in the area.  Even a week later I can still feel the buzz about the cavern.

 When I linked in I was greated by Evelyn Sayers, or D'veetah as she likes to be called.  She sent me an invitation to her hood.  Pahrahtehs.  Looks to be a nice little community.  I found a full table of Heek players, more than a few around the fountain and around the clock.  Certainly beats my own desolate neighborhood.  Apparently more than a few of these 'explorers' have found lodging either in the hood or in Ae'gura.  It's a little strange to think about people living down here but I guess it works for them.

Before we left, D'veetah introduced me to Jessie Pollick.  He was busy creating an outline of his cavern studies in the classroom of the neighborhood but took time out of his schedule to greet me.  It seems he is an anthropologist who has been gathering data on the various groups of the cavern.  Jessie's interest is in how the cavern became a home to the explorer community.  One thing struck me as odd: why do such a study when those on the surface would never accept the presence of an ancient city in a giant cavern roughly a mile below New Mexico; much less one that was currently inhabited.  I guess I shouldn't have brought it up because he got quiet for a moment before saying that he planned on using a cover for the final report.  Something about the personal dynamics of an online community.  Regardless, his research sounds interesting.  I'll have to follow up on it soon.

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