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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Mark Loren - D'nipalooza

A gathering was taking place.  Hundreds of people filled the halls of Kirel.  D'ni was alive. 

"Welcome to D'nipalooza! Tonight, we will be showcasing musical specials, partying, and remember to support CAVCON awareness so that we continue to enjoy the good times here!" Kaaja announced to everyone in Kirel via her microphone.

"Mark!"  I looked around and saw Hannah Renshaw waving her hands around to get my attention.  "You made it!  Looks like we have the whole gang together."  She was right.  The whole gang was here.

Hannah is the a true explorer of our group; capable of solving the most intense puzzles in the cavern as though it were child's play.  Torri Illan: pragmatic, but relatively shy.  Artus Matloff, an energetic self-proclaimed genius who brags from time to time.  Then there was Flora Kuldell - an energetic outdoorsie explorer type who always finds herself getting into trouble.  Leaning against the railing was Steven Peterson, who was often consumed in writing or reading of some kind; he's kind of nerdy if you ask me.  Then there's Eric Gibson with guitar in hand.  No doubt he'll be playing tonight.  Last we have Pam Foster: an outgoing explorer/fashionista sporting the latest trend in the cavern, albeit a bit weird looking.

After a brief introduction we the show started strong with music from Krossfire and Tete Plongeant.  The cavern had never seen such an incredible opening act for the biggest music event of the year.  Who knew the cavern knew how to rock?

After Jet Blast had finished their set I ran into Eric Gibson.  "So, When is your big debut?" I asked.

"My group won't be playing until much later.  These guys are pretty good.  I've been practicing."  he said with a grin.  "I aim to please the crowd."  I looked about.  I had been expecting a small crowd but I would have guessed there was easily over a hundred people.  Eric shook out his hand as he began to warm up.  "You should have some fun tonight.  Forget the cavern problems."  I looked at him and he shooed me away saying "Go! Go! Dance with some girls." Eric said with a laugh.

After a several hours I found myself watching fireworks set off across the lake.  The D'nipalooza was far from over, but I needed to head topside again.  I said my farewells and headed back to the surface.  D'ni is a truly fascinating place.  It's lasted for over 10,000 years and if we're lucky it'll last another 10,000.

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