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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Meghan Albrand - Dec 2, 2013 - In Brief

Most of my time is spent in Pahrahtehs.  People come and go.  Events are held.  I don't usually participate.  It's not because of an aversion to crowds, or because I feel anti-social in any way.  It's just that most days I have work to do.  Pahrahtehs is an incredible place; but to keep it running, someone has to do the paperwork.

On a typical day I link into the cavern directly into the neighborhood when most of the residents are still sleeping.  My office, if you can call it that, fills three of the chambers in the Egg Room.  It’s not so bad working in this space; especially when most of the paperwork is filed digitally.

Usually I'm the first one inside the egg room.  Nicole Hooper arrives an hour later.  She works out of the room to my left.  Were it not for her help very little would be accomplished.  The room to my right is occasionally occupied by Evelyn Sayers or D'veeta as most people know her.  She is the public face of Pahrahtehs, but chances are you already know that.

The past few weeks have been something of a logistical nightmare.  I've been in near constant talks with Mister Magic, the ResEngs, an explorer from the Cavern Today, and a few people from the Guild of Messengers.  The ResEngs suspect someone from our neighborhood is responsible for the appearances of the Hopi Spirals though they have no evidence to support that claim.  There is some evidence that someone here is responsible for a hologram of Dr Richard Watson that was seen in Ae'gura shortly before the discovery of the Hopi Spiral in the Watcher's Pub.  I've told them we are unaware of any unauthorized grey hat activity but will begin an investigation.

Mister Magic has been calling for updates on our search.  For many, he is the most visible face of the Grey Hats.  For some, the Grey Hats are an unknown factor in the cavern; and every time there is a problem with the Nexus, or the Lattice, or the 'vault' there are some explorers who feel quite strongly that the Grey Hats are to blame.  Mister Magic has done much to try and dispel this distrust of the Grey Hats through public shows in the Hood of Illusions and the Fun House and most lately vias collaboration with other Grey Hats to produce the Bots that so many explorers utilize on almost a daily basis.

Aside from a colorful character from The Cavern Today, I've been having repeat meetings with reporters from the Guild of Messengers.  Ever since Jessie Pollick released his study christening the new symbol as the ‘Hopi Spiral,’ there has been an unending call for more information.  There has also been a question by some how he learned of this symbol before the rest of the cavern became aware of it in the Watcher's Pub.  Jessie Pollick has since retreated into his study and refuses to take visitors.  I can't blame him, but it has made my work all the more difficult.

Hopefully I'll be able to learn a thing or two from David tonight.  We have our weekly heek night and I'm hoping to hear some good news.  Terry has been absent the past few weeks and I suspect David knows why.  At the very least it will give me a chance to clear my head.

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