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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Torri Illan - Decisions

I closed the car door and closed my eyes for a moment.  Another day, another file folder, another phone call.  I made it through another day and now it was time to go home.  Deep breaths.  This is why you came back here right?  I thought to myself.  A nine-to-five was nothing to complain about, and yet, why did it feel like this town would be the death of me?  Cathy was nice, the job was fine.  I needed to get out of this town.  I bucked my seatbelt and started the car.

Red lights and traffic left me in front of the White Horse.  In the summer the doors would be open and a dozen or so people would be playing music by the patio.  This time of year, the doors stayed shut to keep the cold out.  Wasn’t there an open mic tonight?  I kept on my way.

Jessica and Hailey had been in the Research Triangle for years.  They went to State, I went to Emory.  They made their lives out east; I’m stuck here.  How did this happen?  Maybe I should take a hint from Karen and move to China.  Quick merge onto highway 9.  I got home and went straight to my room.  I can’t be the only one with so many thoughts.  My gaze wandered; landing first on my desk, my clock, my computer, and then that book.  I closed my eyes and tried to shut everything out.

I was an island in the dark.  Well, one might say it was dark, but perhaps it would be more accurate to say there was nothing to be seen.  I stretched my arms and legs as I floated through the emptiness.  How did I get here?  I couldn't remember.  A soft blue flashing caught my eye.  I had a KI message.  I made to read it, but the display wouldn't raise.  Is it broken?  I kept pressing the button, cursing under my breath.

I heard a voice.  “Tori?  Where are you”

I looked around, but there was only me in this void.  “Hello?” I called out, hoping I sounded braver than I felt.  There was nothing, but the memory rang clear in my mind.  How did I get here?  I needed to get out.  I reached for my Relto only to find it was gone.

The black filled with KI projections filled with messages.  Hannah; Mark; Flora; Steven; a Guild of Messenger bulletin?

I fell.  The KI projections disappeared into darkness as I was hit by the adrenaline.  From below something started to take shape.  It was a lake, it was the cavern lake!  The Yellow water rushed towards me as I struggle helplessly to fly.  I wanted to scream but the fall had taken my breath.  I knew I would hit the water any second and I threw up my hands instinctively to protect my face.

My eyes flashed open to the sight of bedroom wall and soon the floor as I fell out of my bed.  Well, that was embarrassing.  I pulled myself up.  My mother called from downstairs asking if I was alright.  I looked to the book on my shelf.  I took it down and examined it.  Green cover with slightly yellowed pages.  It looked more like a journal than anything else.  I opened the cover and watched the image on the right hand page pass through the clouds to the High Place.  My mother called again from below.  "Just a minute," I called.  I looked around my room.  Now where did I put that KI?

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