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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Pantaleon - Journal Entry: September 16, 2012.

I cannot waste any more time wandering aimlessly around the cavern; but I have no clues on how to begin the search.  I found myself at the D'ni Library.  This is truly a magnificent place and should inspire my imagination to where Esto left to before this illness befell him. Everything seemed lost.  How could I possibly figure out what happened to Esto?  To prevent a memory overload I am going to record any findings in my journal.  From there I should be able to review my data to find something.

Wait a second.  A journal!  Didn't Esto carry a journal with him!?  Perhaps this is the key.  Would that be located in his Relto or perhaps.... yes.... that place would viable.

I rushed back to Bevin post-haste to where I had found him and there I found his journal!  It was hidden underneath a desk close to where I found him.   Perhaps, even in his maddened state a part of him realized that he had to leave a message.  The journal he left behind should tell me what I need to know.

On April 27. 2012 Esto made contact with Dean.  He writes that he would be meeting with him in the Vamen District of D'ni which is in the city proper.  To reach it I will have to take a boat across the lake.  The likelihood of other explorer's coming out this far should be slim.  Vamen district is not easy to access.  I cannot imagine what I’ll find there..

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