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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Pantaleon - New Hope

It has been long and difficult week.  Esto's condition has neither improved nor worsened but there is no one available for a few weeks to be his caretaker.  I ask every passing explorer for their help with no luck.

During the times when Esto has fallen asleep I ponder what will happen.  I do this at the staircase overlooking the docks.  It's peaceful watching the glow of the lake while hearing D’ni life stirring.  I’ve heard that it took a lot of patience for the D'ni construction, laws, and other grand marvels to be created.  If the D'ni had the patience to create all this then I too can learn from their patience.

Luck at last!  An explorer friend of mine, Adelia Rosehart, agreed to be caretaker for Esto in my absence.  I have not seen her in a some time.  It seems she's had problems of her own preventing her from moving about D'ni.  I am very grateful.  Now I can begin searching for Dean.  I thanked Adelia multiple times before leaving, knowing full-well that Esto is in capable hands.  Now to search for clues to find Dean and restore Esto’s health!

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