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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Pantaleon - Journal Entry: September 25, 2012

After reaching Vamen, the middle-class district, I explored the area common houses and empty ruins; the only remnants from the past.  There was not a book to be seen.  I soon located the library.  My spirits lifted when I saw the rows and rows of shelves,  however, there were only cobwebs on each shelf.  Such a great wealth of knowledge now remains lost to time in the deep.

In spite of the lack of books I went to the second floor so observe the entire library from a different perspective.  From the second floor it was easy to recognize three pillars in the center of the library which upon closer inspection had a symbol scribbled upon them in what looked to be sharpie.  The symbol was a simple singular spiral design which somehow seemed familiar.  Reopening Esto's journal I searched for that symbol.  Esto witnessed a similar symbol in June shortly before his disappearance.  It also seems that he was becoming restless and prone to strange nightmares at that time.  This must be the correct path.

I inspected each pillar further.  They appear to be on a rotational system.  When a pillar is rotated the shadows on the floor change.  I can only wonder what the three symbols on the middle of the pillars mean.

I have considered how the three symbols may connect.  If my hunch is correct then the answer to this puzzle must lie in them.  The amount of combinations of these three symbols is finite, however, it is rather difficult to ascertain which combination is the correct one.

A shape, is now forming on the floor from the lights and shadows.  I will continue to rotate the pillars till it is completed.

Still no luck.  Time seems to pass quickly during my experimentation amongst these pillars.

A symbol has formed on the ground.  Each spiral has affixed itself toward a central point creating a whirlpool-Shell symbol.  The alignment caused a stone shelf to move, revealing a stone table with two books.

One is a linking book with this new symbol on the cover; the other is Dean's journal.  The journal speaks of Ghen's treachery, Atrus's willingness to learn, and Yeesha the one who learned from her brothers’ treachery.  Dean had planned to embark on a new journey.  The Shell symbol must represent something important dealing with these circumstances.  Is it possible that Dean is in the age with the new symbol?  Before I take that risk I need to return to Adelia and see how Esto is doing.  I hope its not been too hard on her having to watch over him.  I will take both the linking book and journal and store them somewhere safe back in Tokotah II.  Thankfully, I now hold a clue of why Dean vanished from the excerpt left at the end of his journal:
This shall be my last journal entry for the time being.  I will be unable to write about what is ahead of me.  All I can say is I am about to take a huge step for the D'ni civilization.  My research has taken me in a whole new direction; for I have uncovered something truly extraordinary.  I must not speak of it to anyone and keeping a journal is far too great a risk.  I am leaving this journal behind with hopes that my words will be a guide to those who have yet to find their way to the city.

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