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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Pantaleon - Journal Entry - October 10, 2012

It was time, I thought, to proceed to Ae'gura.  I was incorrect.  Dean stopped me just short of the nexus terminal and said “Light in the Darkness.  Do you believe?” The statement that caught me off-guard.

Dean took my Relto book; opened it and held it out to me.  I linked and to my surprise I found Dean waiting for me in my Relto.  He took down a book and placed his hand on my shoulder.  I found myself linking.  On the other side I found myself in the Slave Caves on Teledahn.

Dean then began questioning me, “did you see the hidden caves, and the cages?”

I respond, since I have journeyed through this age, “These cages worried me before.  Now more than ever. It is a corruption of this age.”

“Pantaleon.  Do you understand?  It is where the proud would keep the least... because the proud make the rules.... blasphemy!”  We linked back to my Relto. Dean then replaced the book, took another, and linked us through with a touch of the shoulder.

My KI said we were in Gahreesen, though I had never been to this location.  I could see trees and the sky, but the walls were familiar.  Dean then questioned me again, "What do you think of these walls?  Walls to protect what?"

These questions were confusing.  “Perhaps to protect possessions or families?”

He shook his head.  “Layers within layers” he said.  “The powerful need control and soon the guarding is yet another thing to be proud of .... To protect that which is from without.”  Dean was acting very strange.  I saw him look up.  “From where do nations fall?”  his answer spoken as he turned and linked us back to Relto.  “From within...”

Again Dean returned the book. Soon I found myself in an age I had never visited before.  My KI told me I was in Eder Kemo.  Looking up I saw stone ridges and a giant image of a strange creature.  Dean asked “What do you know of King Shomat?  Of his brothers, and gardens, and death?”

Another confusing question.  This was my first time to this age and I knew nothing of the king; this garden; the brothers; or the circumstances of death.  This creature: what could it mean? “Who created it?” I asked.

Dean responds hastily, “the works of the proud are beautiful, but they are built on the backs of the least.”  I could hear thunder growing in the distance.  “What is to become of the world when all is taken and nothing is given in return?”

Relto again and another link.  I peered down a shaft into nothingness.  Before me a massive vault suspended in a shaft; or was this a crypt?  Was there some great treasure inside?  My KI told me this was Kadish Tolesa.  Dean spoke in almost a whisper “Bones speak louder than words.  Greed is the path to destruction.”

One last link.  Darkness.  I cannot see a thing!  I asked,  “Where are we?  I can’t see anything?" Silence.  I try not to panic. “Dean!? Are you still here?”

Light. We were in a small cave.  “Light to Darkness? Do you believe?” Dean had activated what looked to be a lantern of sorts coming from the ground.  He turned and I followed.  Before long we stood overlooking a waterfall.  I checked my KI.  Eder Gira.  “You have much to learn.  You are not ready.”  He turned to me “You must seek the Journey not the Destination.  We must hurry to Ae’gura.  Our friend needs our help.”

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