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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pantaleon - Journal Entry - October 12, 2012

Dean and I left for Ae'gura.  The changes within him makes me wonder what effect the cavern will have on me.  What other secrets are in D'ni?  We finally arrived at Tokotah II; later than anticipated but at least back home.  Adelia was nowhere to found.  I looked around for any sign of her and soon I noticed Dean took five candles and a stone from his pack.  He set the five candles in a line beginning from the outside and working to the center saying "The passing of time brings the path to the gathered" as he set the final candle.  He spoke “Be still and the path will be made known” as he began to light the candles.

I saw him pick up the stone in his left hand; it reminded me of a worry stone; it was small and smooth.  He pinched out the first candle on the left.  "Darkness comes at the end of time."  He spoke again: "The path of the stone is toil for the gathered" and pinched out the candle on the right. What is this I wondered.  He continued: "The future is always revealed to those who wait" and pinched out the next candle on the left.  "Rest in the light."  He pinched out the candle on the right leaving only one burning.

I watched as he took the stone and held it over the flame.  “The gathered will find rest when the light comes.”  To my amazement I saw that the stone begin to glow!  He picked up the candle in his right hand, held the stone next to Esto's shoulder and blew out the final candle.

Then it happened: Esto became cognizant again.  His first words were : "Is it true?"  I watched as Dean said something to him I could not hear.  How confusing.  Where is Adelia?  I've been trying organizing a search.  So far no luck.  I must return to my search.

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