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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Pantaleon - Journal Entry - October 20 - Departure

I've traveled throughout Ae'gura asking explorers if they had seen Adelia; giving a brief description.  It is weird, no one saw her leave Tokotah II and there is was no KI signal to locate her.  To widen my search, I called groups of explorers; I personally looked into many nooks & crannies of abandoned buildings and other areas such as the palace and library.  Days have passed to no avail.

I contacted Esto via KI to inform him I was returning from my search.  It felt right using this technology.  I was hopelessly lost in everything that has occurred over the past week.  Nothing made sense anymore.

Heartbroken & exhausted, I returned to Tokotah II.  There Esto and Dean were talking but it all seemed too dream-like for me to even understand.  I kept thinking about the last message Adelia sent me.  Had it not been for that earthquake I would have been able to respond and maybe I would know what happened.  

It just didn't make any sense.  Why would she leave Esto in the state he was in?  Maybe there is a connection between these events - and who is this Impostor Esto and Dean keep speaking about?

After sleeping for who knows how long I managed to speak with them.  There is one possible solution.  They both agree.  It is time.  I must continue Yeesha's journey.  "Seek the Journey not the Destination."  In my absence I will continue to keep my journal; if only to reflect on later.  Tomorrow I'll resume my Journey.

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