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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Esto - Collecting the Pieces: Part III

“Darkness again.  I walked a spiraling path and found myself standing on a gigantic leaf.  I realized that the tunnel I just walked out from was in fact an enormous snail shell; it’s inhabitant long gone.  I remember walking to the edge of the leaf and peering down below.  The height was dizzying and no ground was visible; only an impossibly large ensemble of green leaves and branches from even larger trees.  The scale of everything was staggering; I was but a sugar ant in comparison.  I sat in awe of it all and soon I heard a familiar voice.

“I looked around and saw Dean behind me riding on the back of an enormous bridled snail - Easily five times my size.”

Adelia’s expression was that of shock.  “He was riding a snail?”

“I could hardly believe it too” I said.

“That’s.  So.  Awesome” said Adelia.

I laughed a little to myself.  “Sure enough.   Dean explained to me that I would have to obtain a ride of my own if I planned on continuing the journey.  Before long I had a snail of my own and we began scaling the limbs and branches of this incredible age.  I had to ask.  How did he learn how to wrangle a snail?  From his answer, I gathered the solution of snail riding had been one of desperation.  Who knows how long he spent in this age before bridling a snail and then finally coming to get my help.

“After a great deal of searching Dean and I found something.  Etched into the bark of the tree was a symbol we each recognized.  It had been on the book that began this journey: The Triple Shell Symbol.  One symbol lead to another and then another as we found our way around the age.  Five symbols.  Each more ornate than the last.  As we studied the final symbol I heard a sound of thunder and the world shook.  I looked up.  No sign of storm, and then a passing shadow.  The thundering sounds returned again.  Suddenly I realized what was happening around me.  Dean’s expression reflected my own.  I heard a terrible screeching and my core froze.  The bird tore through the canopy and we were in free fall.  I gasped for air and reached for my relto.  The panel was inactive.  I tried to close my eyes and fell into darkness.

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