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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Pantaleon - Time in the Tavern

There was no luck in waiting so far for Esto and Dean and no news of Adelia from other explorers. To spend some time away from Tokotah II I decided to take a stroll to Tokotah Plaza which is the general meeting ground for explorers in the cave. On my way, I passed by Gete who still hadn't heard anything about Adelia's whereabouts. Then we headed to the Watcher's Pub though on our way we came across McBeam, another devout explorer of the cavern. We all sat down and had a drink.

Gete and McBeam both left messages for Adelia and had checked nearby ages that she had visited more often. I told them that since I left on Yeesha's Journey I had not heard anything from Esto and Dean and that I last saw them at Tokotah II but there wasn't much left behind. I thanked Gete and McBeam for their assistance who said they would keep in touch if they heard anything. When I asked them about the symbols I had seen in the notes I found in the apartment Gete and McBeam told me to investigate the Watcher's Pub. They didn't say much about it though they seemed to know something more than they said.  I'll have to look into it some more soon.  After all, every possibility must be explored.

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