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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Pantaleon - Return to Tokotah II

Four pillars, four ages. All taken. All returned. For each an age forged forged from pride, taken from the least. Whatever is not given back will be taken. Thus, the nation fell D'ni, the vaults vacant, gardens desecrated, and corrupted by material wealth. Afterward, my Relto had changed. A star fissure appeared outside the hut. It led back to the Cleft. Another storm rattled the Cleft but something was different. A new set symbols resided where my journey began. Once again, Yeesha came forth providing a different journey.

All I found when I returned to the apartment were notes about Guildmaster Kadish, lines of D'ni prophecy, and various symbols. Explorers tell me that Adelia is still missing. Chris and Dean are still missing too. Their KI signals have not responded since I left on this journey. Perhaps they both went searching for her? I believe they will come back here. This place seems to be the center-point for everything that has happened.

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