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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Esto - Collecting the Pieces

MidnightSun left the cavern.  "A lot has happened" I said to Adelia.  "He must have a quite a bit on his mind."

"Esto.  What's going on?"

"I was hoping you would know." I looked around and final began fiddling with my KI.  No signal.  "Damnit."

"KI's don't seem to have signal here."  Adelia sat down on a large stone.  "Otherwise I'd have sent someone a message by now."

A smaller bahro crawled down from the wall and curled up next to her.  "At least these guys have been taking care of me."  Her expression changed.  “Other than Norm in the cavern, I never had much experience with the Bahro.”  Turning back to me “How did you wind up here?”

I sat down and thought for a moment.  “We thought we had found something special” I said.  We thought that the journey was revelation."  I took my finger and began drawing shapes in the sand.  “Dean, or MidnightSun as he goes by now, found a book about a year ago.  This book had a very peculiar marking on it.”  I finished tracing the symbol in the sand and continued.  “He vanished for months and when he returned he wanted me to join him.

“I went to Vahmen district and there I found a path laid before me.  Dean was nowhere to be found but he had left a message telling me that I would be able to follow his steps and that he believed he needed help if he was to progress further.  I took the linking book and linked to a chamber of smoothed stone.  Behind me was a tunnel that spiraled upwards eventually opening to the sky.  Before me was a mechanism that I manipulated to mimic the symbol on the book I had used to get there.

“I saw a light in the distance and moved toward it.  Before long I stumbled and soon found myself in what seem to be an impossibility.  In my captivation of the light I had ceased paying attention to my surroundings and found myself standing on thin air.  I stood back up and looked around me.  The area I had walked from was far behind me and the light I moved towards was still further in the distance.

“I cannot explain how I did what I was doing but it reminded me of a leap of faith I had made down the Great Shaft years ago.  Below me I could see only darkness, above the stars.  Before me was light, and behind was the tunnel I had emerged from.  I thought, if this was real then it must be revelation and so I continued onward.

“Reaching the light I found what actually appeared to be a bubble.  A glow emanated from it and within I saw an image of another place.  I placed my hand out toward the bubble and found a cool rush pass over my hand as it moved through.  I pulled my hand back.  I checked my Relto - it appeared to be functioning.  I took a deep breath and walked into the bubble.

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