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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Esto - Collecting the Pieces: Part II

Adelia seemed taken aback by my descriptions.  “Across the bubble I opened my eyes and found myself in another tunnel; behind me the path spiraled upwards.  Exiting I found myself in a truly strange environment.  Before me was sandy ground and sparse vegetation and above: a shimmering surface of water where the sky should be.  I found the tunnel I had emerged from to be a giant shell, reminiscent of Whelks and Conch shells I had found on beaches as a child - only these were massive.  The landscape had numerous shells embedded in the sand.

“Wonder and marvel at this place lead me to climb the nearest shell; from the top I reached my hand out toward the water above.  The strangest of feelings came to me and I drew my hand back seeing the ripples spread out from where I had touched the surface.”

For a moment Adelia seemed lost in thought.  “You've seen this?” she asked.

“You asked” I responded.  “and that’s not the half of it.

“Tell me more.  I can only imagine what it was like.  Please go on.”

I refocused my mind and continued.  “In the distance I saw a particularly large shell - an auger.  The form spiraled up from the sand and stretched beyond the surface of the water.  As I approached it I found the shell to be inverted allowing me to walk into it and climb the spiral.  As I climbed, I found the light of my KI to be useful as darkness came very quickly; the spiral kept climbing and climbing.  When I finally reached the top of the spiral I found another linking bubble lighting the darkness.  Knowing what to do I collected myself and walked through the shining surface.

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