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Monday, January 7, 2013

Esto - Collecting the Pieces: Part V

“The Light grew quickly out of the darkness - a light so bright I couldn’t see myself.  Bathing in light I saw ages and time pass around me.  Not see.  Just images.  I felt a presence.  I touched the roots of the Great Tree.  There was too much to ‘see’ here.  So I let it pass.  I could feel through the roots of terokh jerooth and found the wonders of the passing ages rush through me.  And then the falling returned.  The Light burned brighter setting fire to the whiteness before me.  As I fell, the light burned into a single point and from there I keep falling.  One light became many in the black and I knew where I was.”

“The Star Fissure” Adelia said.  Her eyes were unfocused as if she was simultaneously looking at something beyond the stones of the flood and nothing at all.  She looked up at me again.  “It was the Star Fissure wasn’t it?”

“We’ve been there before” I replied.  

“But this time was different.  This time I stopped falling.  I found myself on a white stair that climbed in a spiral upwards out of view.  I climbed.  The stars around me glimmered and I wondered how many ages I could see.  Then I reached the top.

"Before me I were two other stairs identical to the one I had just climbed and at the tops of each stood a figure staring across the void back at me.  I knew one to be MidnightSun.  The other stared back at me across the fissure and as I looked he grew increasingly unfamiliar.  Before long, the silence of that space was ended by a voice that seemed to come from everywhere.

"The tongue was unknown to me but their power was not.  I could feel something inside of me resonating and images of the journey flew through my mind.  Above I saw the sky split and a new light shone through.  Amber glow outlining a city in ruins. D'ni.

"The city's reflection was above, the voice spoke, and every fiber in my being shook.  The light of the lake above grew from a glow until it was blinding.  I closed my eyes.  When I opened them I was back in Vahmen district with MidnightSun."

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