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Monday, January 21, 2013

Esto - The Shell Tattoo

“After that” I said, “MidnightSun and I went our separate ways.  He reltoed out and I did the same.”  I sat there thinking for a while.  Processing all I had just shared.  “Seems like so long ago.”

“But wait,” Adelia said.  “When I saw you in Ae’gura you were... broken.  Pantaleon said he found you in Bevin writing strange things on the walls.  That doesn’t just happen for no reason.”

“The Journey was false.  I don’t know who or why; but the journey wasn’t of The Grower.  Yeesha had no part of the journey.”  

I saw Adelia take a deep breath; processing what I just said.  “How did it happen?” asked Adelia.  “How did you wake up?”  

I pulled up my sleeve to reveal a shell symbol tattooed just below my shoulder.  “From what I gathered: MidnightSun realized the truth before I fell.  He took the Path of the Shell and from it devised this.”  I looked at the tattoo and remembered the madness before.  Adelia grew quiet.  She pulled at the collar of her shirt to reveal her own shoulder where a blue shell was visible.

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