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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Pantaleon - Watcher's Sanctuary

I had arrived at the Watcher's Sanctuary when someone by the name of C.J. Herkeless approached me. Apparently he had been here and I didn't see him or hear him for that matter. C.J. told me he was a Greeter and asked me if I had any questions about The Watcher's Pub. I told him that I was looking for something but was unsure of where to begin. Interested in the History of D'ni I told him I would love to hear anything he had to say about the area.

C.J. Herkeless explained that The Watcher's Pub was also known as the Great Tree pub. The Great Tree, which is the most notable and defining characteristic of this place was created when during the d'ni 2000s. The Great Tree symbolizes the D'ni religion. C.J. told me that The Watcher's Pub itself was built and designed in the 4000s for a d'ni prophet known as The Watcher. His work of prophecies, known as 'Words,' could be found in the alcove on the second story. Interestingly, the Pub exchanged hands many times and it was even owned briefly by Douglas Sharper in 2003 however, before D'ni fell it was owned by Guildmaster Kadish.

C.J. Herkeless pointed out the two linking books and I thanked him for the helpful information and told him that it was just what I was looking for. The Greeter mentioned that if I wanted a little extra information he would let me read through The Watcher's Journal. This journal he said gives more insight on the Watcher. I told him I would gladly read it and that I still had no understanding of who or what the Watcher is or was?

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