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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Esto - Collecting the Pieces: Part IV

“Well?  What happened?”  Adelia looked like she was about to fall off her stone.  In truth, the memory was all too visceral.  The feeling of falling is one I never warmed to.  Linking is the same.  Making a leap of faith is one thing but falling in blindness not having expected it is quite another.  I took a deep breath, closed my eyes and recalled the events.  “Esto?”

“There was darkness” I said.  “There was darkness and I was now somewhere in that darkness.  There was no up, there was no down.  I had fallen so far there was no farther to fall and yet no way to stand either.  I wondered for a moment if I had died but soon ruled out that possibility as I felt my breathing.  I tried to call out but I heard nothing.  Not even the sound of my own voice.  I held up my hand in front of my face and still could see nothing.  Only my sense of touch alluded to its presence.
“I fumbled with my KI but it wasn't’ responding; my relto seemed inactive.  What was I to do?  At some point I wondered if my eyes were open or closed and even as I tried blinking I saw no change or indication of either.  I found myself thinking about Yeesha and what she would tell me to do if she were here. Find a way.  In my mind an image of the journey hand began to fly around.  One by one the fingers flickered out until it left only a shell.  Find a way.  I focused on the image; turning it in my mind.  Faster and faster.  Find a way.  From one shell, to two, and then finally three shells they aligned and before me was the triple shell symbol that had brought me so far. And then. Light.

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