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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Midnightsun - Attempts at Communicaion

This Adelia. Something is just not right with her. The Bahro brought her here. Why? The man in the cavern... The Bahro protecting Esto...  How does this all tie in? I could not think in the cave because everything seemed to be closing in, yet out here there is too much space. Where is the link between these events?

Years ago, Esto gave me an issue of the Archiver with a scene that looked very similar to this. I do not need my KI to tell me I am in Noloben. Bahro Homeworld. As close to homeworld as a linking people can have.  I have always had the feeling the Bahro developed in the star fissure.  Where better for a race of linking people?

I feel the gaze of Bahro as I roam down the beach. They seem to be waiting on me to do something. They don’t appear to understand words and I am unable to make sense of their vocal sounds as well. Should I approach one of them directly? I recall hearing tales of the Bahro war, and how bowing was the most successful way to not offend.

I slowly walk up to a group of three Bahro and I pause as one starts to shuffle. Hesitantly I lower my head, and they become still. I continue my bow until I feel they are satisfied. A thought comes to me while I am showing this courtesy, I am on a beach. Kneeling down I began drawing in the sand, hoping for a response from them.

Bahroglyphs.  I think about how best to represent my question and then it comes to me. Soon the crying eye of the bahro is drawn in sand before me. The bahro take interest. They look to each other chattering as occasionally cocking their heads from side to side - like birds. Perhaps a different symbol.  What though?

I draw my finger through the sand once again and from a spiral I create the Yeesha hand.  The Bahro stop their chattering and look at me. That got their attention. I wonder if I did something wrong. They may not look fierce, but these creatures were once known to tear the wildlife of Negilahn apart. I hear something behind me.

Esto is running towards me. Apparently, Adelia shares the shell tattoo with us.  But where did she get it?  I kneel once more and draw a new spiral.  Now the ending is connected to the beginning. The Shell. The Bahro react again. They bow.

Esto is ranting again. We are on the same path. How are these events connected? What did Esto just say? Venalash? The Bahro cry out and link away. What did Esto just say? We must return to Adelia.

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