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Friday, November 30, 2012

Esto - The Unexpected

I know this place.  I've seen it in The Archiver and one of the old adds the DRC had before the last closing of the cavern under Cate Alexander.  This is Noloben.  Of all the possibilities this is one I did not expect.  My relto was not functioning - that should have been my first clue.  No sooner had I found the Triple Shell symbol I heard movement behind me and all around.  In the darkness I saw many creatures moving accompanied the light of sapphire eyes.  A Bahro walked up to me, placed his hand on my shoulder, and we linked.

I linked in with MidnightSun beside me and found myself in a tunnel before a chamber roughly the size of my relto.  The vaulted ceiling had small windows surrounding the circumference of the ceiling allowing a golden light to flow in.  The lower walls were covered in petroglyphs that occasionally pulsed soft blue.  The Bahro that linked us through made a crackling noise and seemed to indicate that we should move closer to the wall.  We advanced and the bahro around us seemed to take an increasing interest - their chatter becoming excited.

From behind came a voice.  A human voice.  I turned around and found Adelia standing beside a Bahro.  "Adelia!". I was overjoyed to see her.  Of all the Ages, I did not expect to find her here.
“Esto! You’re back on your feet!”
“I hear you had something to do with that.”
“Why are you here?  Everyone in the cavern is looking for you.”
Adelia noticed MidnightSun standing behind me.  “I remember you.  You’re the one Pantaleon went searching for.”  He replied with a mmmhmm and said nothing more.  “You asked why I’m here.”  She paused.  “That’s a bit of a strange story.”
“Go on” I encouraged her.

“Pantaleon had left me to care for you while he went in search for your friend here; I spent my time trying to find something that might help you.  At one point I had Gaelen of the Guild of Healers look at you, but she couldn't do anything more than provide a sedative to keep you from hurting yourself.  Occasionally I would get a message from Pantaleon but then he stopped responding.

“Shortly after there was another tremor.”  Her beat slowed.  “I remember Ae’gura shook violently and many explorers ran out into the streets hoping to find escape.  A few were able to relto out, but soon the books stopped working.  My relto was blank!”

“Next thing I knew a figure linked into the room.  I saw him move toward you but he was stopped.  Something that looked like a bubble appeared around you and prevented him from getting any closer.  Then he came for me.  Next thing I knew a Bahro linked in beside me brought me here.”
MidnightSun suddenly became interested.  “Who was it?”

“I’d never seen them before, but there is one thing I’ll never forget.  He had a tattoo on his face:  Two curved swords.  One below the other.”
“The Bahro” MidnightSun began.  “That must be why the linking books stopped working - both for Adelia and for you in the tunnel.”
“I can’t believe the Bahro would hurt any of us” I said to MidnightSun.  “The Bahro Nekisal haven’t been seen in the cavern for years.”
“I don’t think they intended to harm anyone.  The truth of the matter is we’re here now.  The question is: why?”
This question has stuck with me.  We’ve been here on Noloben for almost two weeks now.  Our KIs aren’t functional and I find myself wondering what is happening in the cavern.  There is much more to cover, but I grow tired.  I’ll be sure to bring everything up to speed soon.

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